Sunday, September 15, 2013

House work done for now.

Remember I was painting my kitchen...

this is what I started with. Now I'm finished. I did the last bit of painting on Friday. It now looks like this...

 I sanded the cupboards on Tuesday and of course blue dust went everywhere, so after I finished painting on Friday, I spent all day yesterday washing everything in the drawers and cupboards. It took forever. Wash, rinse, air dry, towel dry put away. That's why it looks a bit of a mess still. What do you think? These are the original cupboards from when the house was built. I kind of love the simplicity of them.. there are no wall cupboards and they are the narrow cupboards that was the standard back then.

No rest for the wicked, today I washed down my deck with the power hose thing. Because of all the rain we have had the last couple of years and my studies, it hasn't been done for 18 months. It was GREEN! I had to wash every batten by hand, do the ceiling... blah, blah, blah. All the painting stuff has been there that long too so I put all that away and cleared the deck last night ready for today. I thought I'd knock it over in a couple of hours (including the concrete under it). HA! I started at 10.30am (after setting up, doing yoga and breakfast) and finished at 5.30pm - this includes doing the front stairs too but alas no concrete. That will be another day. 

I have 2 clear plastic blinds to allow use of the deck when it rains (it comes in that way), the photo above shows you how it looked on the left when I stared.. the one on the right is how it was after 1 hour of scrubbing both sides. This house is high set so I had to work out how to do it without falling off but being able to get to all corners. I won't bore you with that but it was hard work. I'm not supposed to be doing big jobs like this as my neck and shoulder are really not good the last 10 or so months, but I don't have any money to pay anyone and it was so overdue. I'm in agony now but as of Tuesday, when my friends come from Germany, and the following Monday, when my son and I got to New Zealand for a week, I am on holiday and will be doing nothing but fun. 


Tomorrow I have an appointment in the morning and then I will be sewing. I want to make a couple of things (before Tuesday) to take to NZ as it is about 17 degrees max (celsius) compared to our 29! So glad my house work is done for now and ready for summer with drinks on the deck!


  1. Your house has a lovely feel about it. Great job on all your hard work. I love the greenery outside your windows.

  2. You've been doing so much hard work and the results are brilliant. The difference in those blinds is amazing! and I'm sure you'll really appreciate that you did them properly. The kitchen looks really smart. Those old cupboards were really built to last, and are much sturdier than the newer flimsy cabinetry you get now. You did really well :)


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