Sunday, October 6, 2013

Finn, Adventure Time Hat

My son loves Adventure time cartoon and asked if he could buy a hat from one of those games shops. He knew already it was $16 and of course I said "No, but I'll make you one." At which he replied "you always say that Mum but you never get to it." Hmmm. 

We found a pattern here, and I downloaded it and taped it together. It is made for A2 paper size but I fumbled around and got it onto 4 A4 sheets. Then we bought one metre of white felt (or you can use fleece but felt was closer to home so felt it was).  Alex helped me cut out the pattern and the felt and then I sewed it up - took about 30 minutes and it is self faced too. Easy. Great hat for winter but with 28 degrees here he said "thanks, I love it but it's too hot!" Of course I knew that but he'll have some school cred. 

I have made a My Image top too that I wore while I was in Sydney and when I iron it I'll photograph it too. Holidays are ending tomorrow and we have had a great time. It is perfect weather here in Brisbane and we are going with my parents and two sisters (of the 4) to a local seaside suburb to have some lunch and just hang out. Enjoy your last days of school holidays too.

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  1. The hat is super cute! How nice you were able to make it for him instead of buying it!


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