Thursday, October 17, 2013


I made some pyjamas. I'd like to make (finish) some other more interesting things but I need new pj's. I used stash materials because I have too much. You'll recognise the aqua fabric from the last wearable muslin I made of the ImageWear top. I used that for the top and I used 2 1 metre remnant peices of cotton which is very soft and a perfect colour match. I made some bias from the spot fabric and I put some fuchsia ric rac on the hem. If I had thought of it before I would have put it under the bias on the top front but I didn't.The pink top is a remnant piece of broderie anglaise from years ago also and the black and white gingham was a left over piece from a friend who sews.

I'm going to Melbourne with a friend in a couple of weekends and my pj's (t-shirt and other sleep shorts I made a few months ago but not blogged about) are not ok to be seen in public. The pattern was one I found at the second hand shop for $2. It's a XS/S/M sizing and I made the M. It was very easy and now I have two pairs of summer pj's!

For those with greater observation skill will note an error I made when cutting out  the aqua top. Can you notice .... I didn't when I was cutting it out. I cut the top from the edge close to the selvage but didn't notice the embroidery was not there... I even made sure it was centred! Ha so much for my observation skills. Actually the pink top also has an error but when I sewed them up but you can't see it in the photo. Only a sewist will notice, but I put the back on right side facing in! DOH! How annoying but I only had the bias to put on so I didn't bother changing it. Now on to more interesting sewing.

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