Saturday, November 16, 2013

Strawberry dress - help needed

I'm making Simplicity 8372. Instead of a shirt though, I'm making it into a shirt dress. I took the skirt pattern and put it on the top section and then cut it out. Made a boo boo though as I have cut the front skirt about 2 cm shorter. I don't need it shorter but will piece a big band on the bottom to make it longer and only you and I will know it was a mistake!

Then I straightened it at the waist area to get a smooth edge. I decided that just cutting it longer wouldn't accommodate my hips so I made it a little A line. This is more stash fabric. This is a left over from when I was making kindergarten sheets. It was bought at Spotlight about 4 years ago and it's just a cotton. 

 I used Sherry's turn of cloth tutorial for the collar. It works out really nicely. because it's just a cotton I used just a small 2-3mm allowance and that was enough. I also used a lime green polka dot fabric for the under collar.(you see the collar here with my small Ikea ironing board on the kitchen cupboard with the iron my son brought home from the street - hey it's just about new and is perfect for pressing while I'm sewing - saves me turing on the big water tank iron.)

Now I'm needing some help with fitting. It feels big under the arms but it feels like it is big across the front upper bust area. That is my narrowest point. Should I just take it in at the raglan sleeve area and up the side of the top? It feels ok in the back. 

When I sort the top fit out I'll put a casing and elastic in it too. I have 8 little buttons for the front in a soft blue-grey. I haven't made 8 button holes for a long time!

I added pockets to the side - easy!

You can see in this photo how I have somehow miss-measured and got a shorter length on the front. Measure twice, cut once springs to mind here. Is the fabric a bit 'young' for me?
I have these Simplicity 1918 Amazing Fit pants cut out in a black and colour stretch cotton to start on next. Actually these were cut out before I had the strawberry dress in my thoughts. They'll have to wait.


  1. I love the fabric. It's not too young for you at all. I struggle with fitting but I find that you just have to play around to see what works. I would just try pinning or basting out the excess under the arms and see how that looks. Raglan sleeves tend to be a bit baggy anyway.

    1. Thanks. You are right, I love raglan sleeves but they do tend to be baggy. Maybe I delude myself that they are easier to fit and look better! Ha ha!

  2. The fitting issue seems to be in the underarm or that bit that's not-quite-underarm-not-quite-bust from the photos you posted. I think this might give you some help :)
    And no, the print is definitely not too young :)

  3. Oh thank you Zoe! Sounds perfectly what I need and better to learn something than do my usual hash job!

  4. Love the print! Once you fiddle with the fitting, this dress will be just perfect for our very-quickly-approaching-summer. And the adding of the band is perfectly 'on-trend' and a great solution ~ enjoy sewing all those buttons ... J

  5. I love that print.. SO cute for this pattern. Just perfect.. Can't wait to see it. when your finished..Happy Sewing.


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