Sunday, November 24, 2013

Urban Don Flat Cap

Here is my Dad wearing his new Urban Don flat cap that I made for his 80th birthday. (If you don't know Urban Don go have a look as he makes such interesting clothing, hats and jewellery. The photography  on his website is really amazing also.) No one even picked that I made it - not until I blew my own trumpet and told them! Dad loves it and even though he knows it isn't polite to wear a hat at the table, he wouldn't take it off! I guess that's a prerogative it you reach 80! 

I forgot to take photos when I finished it up yesterday - doh so unfortunately I don't have any showing the inside - there's another blog post in that when I get some photos in the next few days.

I will say it was VERY easy to put it together - I lined mine also and it fits him perfectly. He's very happy with it and I'm happy he's happy. If you haven't made a cap before I highly recommend Urban Don's patterns. Again big thanks to Urban Don.


  1. It looks great. Actually that pattern looks good and I have no one to make them for.

  2. That turned out well! Best wishes to your dad!

  3. The cap and your Dad in it look just terrific! thanks for the link, I'm totally going to check out Don's new pattern now. I love his work :)


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