Monday, January 20, 2014

Same; same, but different!

See what I mean? Same; same but different. I knew of the Simplicity 8498 - Carmen at Carmencitab sent me a while ago and the Simplicity Retro 3833 has been out for a while, but I didn't know about the Vogue Couturier Design pattern. The different is the open back... is that how Simplicity can get away with a near exact copy? I saw the Vogue on an ebay site but it doesn't say when it was issued.

Lauren of Rosie Wednesday (a new to me blog) is doing a sew-along with either of the Simplicity patterns and I will make one up (probably not with the sew-along as I am making some other things at the moment but I will use the fitting posts to help fit mine. There is even a post on the comparison of the old and new issue of the Simplicity (I don't remember which Blogger did this but Lauren links to it).

Oh and the price of the Vogue? Just over $51 US dollars! I also found some patterns that I have picked up recently that are priced from $60 to nearly $100 each... Have you got any patterns that are "valuable"? (I mean they're all valuable, but maybe I mean priced highly).


  1. I think my Vogue 1557 Saint-Laurent Mondrian dress is my most valuable. I don't know how much it's worth.

    1. I think that would be a very expensive one to buy. It has to be considered a classic. You know I love the two you have made.

  2. I made a shift dress with similar shaping under the bust. It took a fair bit of fiddling to get right, especially as I needed to do an FBA but it looked lovely when done. A sew-along with fitting help would have been a great help, I imagine. ( if you're curious.)

    My most valuable pattern is the Rose flying dress from the titanic.
    I bought it coz I liked it, not realising it was practically movie merchandise! It can stay in my stash being expensive coz I love it! I made this using it and am about to cut out something else with the pattern too.

  3. I love this dress- I've made 2 from the new Simplicity pattern. The Vogue version is fabulous. I like the open back and I bet you could modify the Simplicity easily for the same look. I'm pretty sure I've seen other versions of this same dress in McCall's and Butterick on some of the vintage pattern sites. It must have been popular back in the day!


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