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Help with Style Arc Pattern Sizing

Source unknown - but it's cute isn't it!

I want to order some Style Arc patterns (they have a great deal for this month - basically 4 patterns for the price of 2 and I wanted one or two anyway...). Anyway, if I want a sheath dress pattern and I am a 10 up top and a 14 on the bottom, do I order the 10 and just grade it out at the hips? That's what I was taught at fashion school years ago but at the patterns don't have any other sizes how do others fix this problem?

Any help would be appreciated - special ends at the end of the month!


  1. Sorry, can't help you with this one ~ can you contact them directly (via email) and ask???

    1. I emailed them already as I was confused with the shoulder measurement and forgot to ask. Don't want to be a pest. Maybe I'll put the question in the order.

  2. I've only ordered a jacket pattern from them so far so haven't had to decide this yet, but from experience with sheath dresses I've always found it easier to add width to the hips than to try and take in at the bust and shoulders

    1. Yes that's what I thought too. You do have much fantastic sheath dress experience!
      Thanks for the quick replies Aussie girls!

  3. I agree with Kristy - much easier to grade a sheath on the bottom.

  4. I know I am late chiming in on this, but what you learned in fashion school is exactly what my Craftsy class on fitting says. It is much easier to fit the top half and adjust the bottom half than the other way around, so you are right!!


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