Sunday, February 23, 2014

I have been sewing..

only not as much as I want or thought I would. I finished a pair of shorts for my son with the last scraps of the fabric I made Urban Don flat cap. I have a skirt I cut out a few years ago with this fabric but don't like the style anymore. These are too big for him but I just needed to put the waist band on and decided I'd make a channeled waistband (can't remember what these are called just at the moment).

When I cut out the pants I had so little fabric that I had to cut the pocket bags out of nice cotton (with helicopters) and just make the part you see out of the fashion fabric... and I mean I had to put the fabric against the grain to get the two small pieces out of it. That's making good use of every last scrap!

The next exciting news was I got my Style Arc patterns. I've cut the pattern out for all but the dotty blouse and the Alisha dress is the one I will make for my friend's wedding. I have cut out the slip and will show the fabrics in the next post. I've been under the weather the last two weeks... not sick, but not well and very tired. Hopefully I'll feel better soon.

I also 3/4 made a McCalls jumpsuit but of course it doesn't fit across the bottom! I'll finish it and start walking so I can wear it or if one of my sisters likes it, they may get it!
Till next time - happy sewing.


  1. You have been busy in the heat lately! Are you heading to the Brisbane Bloggers meet-up in March ... it will be a great chance to catch up again ... J

    1. So glad of the cool reprieve this weekend.... yes I'm going to the meet up.. I paid yesterday! It will be great to catch up again. See you then.


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