Monday, April 28, 2014

Style Arc Alisha - Toile 2

I didn't get any tips about fitting in the post about the 1st toile so I just dived in and had a go. Good sway back adjustment this was about 2cm. I kept the side seam as before (hanging straight - I'm pleased with that). As the back centre seam isn't straight I added some extra there as well and it makes a nice skirt now. I made a petite adjustment on the bodice (about 5cm) but now it looks bigger width wise. Maybe it's the cotton/linen like fabric doing this?

I will take some off the shoulder but I need to work out how to not mess up the collar part which is cut on the front bodice but you pivot and sew it to the back bodice. I need to take some off the back neckline too. I have to work out how to finish it too as my lace isn't a scalloped edge. The shoulder is too wide too and I don't think I will make the sleeve.

I have to wear this on Saturday! Arrgh! Well at least the skirt part is ok. Maybe I'll go back to the original bodice. Interestingly it takes only about 30 minutes to sew the dress seams together to this stage so that's not bad and gee it goes together so well. Any ideas for the bodice?


  1. I'm not the best at fitting, but it looks to me as though the front bodice is a bit tight (maybe an FBA? Personally I have to use a larger size at bust than at shoulders, then have to consider an SBA). I think once you've resolved those pull lines the bodice may need some length removed between waist and bust, front and back. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will drop by and tell you the definitive fitting answers.

    1. Thank you Gabrielle, I was thinking this morning that maybe the shortening of the top wasn't so good - the bust line seems a little high now, but I didn't consider taking some out below the bust. I'll try that. I've also taken some out of the top of the back neckline and that seems better too now.


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