Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Whoa! Crazy Man!

Yes that is original '70's towelling. My Mum bought it in the early '70's to cover one of those click drop back couches that were covered in vinyl that was hot, hot, hot in the summer in Brisbane. However, as a mother of 5, she never got the chance so I grabbed it a few years ago. Looking for something else in my fabric bins, I found this again and gave it a wash.  It is a very good quality one - thick and soft. I love the psychedelic waves. I found perfectly matching bobbles  and some fantastic elastic that has cording running though the middle. (I put a label on the front left after I took the photos and it looks really cool).

I should have taken a photo of the elastic - it's about 3cm wide and has the nylon cording throughout it evenly, but when you cut it and pull it out, there's plenty to tie up. I just made some button holes inside the 'waistband'. Basically this is just a rectangle with this elastic put on with the overlocker and then folded over and sewn down. I think this one is about the right size for a 10 year old (as it fits my other 'son'). I'm going to make a few and sell at my a handmade market night  (note that this flyer link says June but I can't find the September one - it's on 13 September if anyone wants to go) that my friend holds at her house, along with some other things I've made.

I also made my son some togs (swimmers) out of scraps. I used a Kwik Sew pattern but I cut these last summer and found them again, made them up and they are too small so they'll be given away to someone with a boy. I have some others I am making up for him now too. The fabric for the waistband is a remnant from The Fabric Store and I've half made a pair of racer back togs for me but a) they are too small   b) I need practice putting the elastic on to make it look ok and c) I have a few pairs already so not being desperate for them, I've put them at the back of the line. I'm making some rashies for the market too.

Today I helped a friend who makes rashies for women (but using beautiful colourful, floral or patterned or plain if that's what clients want) that zip up the front. She cut them and I sewed up the basic body and long sleeves, she was cutting and then putting the neckband and zips in. She has an industrial coverstitch which makes beautiful stitching and makes a very professional finish. She uses 50spf (sun protection factor) fabric that is chlorine resistant so that they last. It was nice to help her out as her husband (electrician) did not charge me to fit my new induction stove which was really nice. So from about 10.30am to 3pm I made up 6 of these and we stopped to have some lunch. Now she has some stock.  It was great fun sewing and chatting all day. I'm glad I had the time to help out.

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  1. That's such a cute little skirt! It's adorable with the bobbles sewn along the bottom :)


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