Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Free patterns - till Friday!

There are a few blogs I go to that have excellent blogrolls. (I have tried to adjust & add to mine but for some reason blogger won't let it happen). Today I went to one and found another I had not heard of before Spit Up and Stilettos. I love the name as I think any mother would get it!

Well they have a range of patterns that they have up for FREE till Friday (U.S. time). You can find the details here. I had not heard of this pattern label before and they have some nice patterns that are on trend and not too difficult. I just downloaded a few and will try to make some up this coming week. I really like that they have the number of pages that the print out will print and they also have some (basic) baby pattens too. The other interesting thing is that they offer their patterns either by usual single download or on a subscription basis of (U.S.)$15 per month. I don't know what the pattern production level is but if you are a very productive sewer this could be a good thing.

In sewing news, I am half way through making this Burda dress. I think I have just the straps, elastic waist and the hem to go. I'm unsure because I started this before holidays and I'm not sure where I left it. My sewing room is a mess again but I am feeling exhausted after the holiday so will leave that till the weekend. I have some other things I have half made I'll blog about and also the fabric bought in Sydney and the experience I had buying it. Happy sewing!


  1. Thank you for this link! The patterns look wonderful, and who doesn't like something free? Best wishes on finishing your dress.

    1. Yes the patterns look nice and worth a try for sure. Can't beat free can you!


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