Sunday, October 5, 2014

No Sewing - just catching up.

No sewing for the last two weeks. We've been away. We did a 12 day driving holiday through New South Wales to get to Newcastle to visit friends. We left the car there and caught the train to Sydney for a few days. (Can you believe it cost as little as $5 for Alex and I to go to Sydney one way!) We had a great time. I had been to Sydney twice last year but Alex hadn't been since 2011. He was desperate to go to the IMAX theatre to see the Ninja Turtles movie ( I would have preferred the shark documentary) but they can only play one movie at a time so we went to the Turtles... holy smoke, it cost nearly $60 for the two of us - no snacks with that - just tickets. Really??? I mean, I was there and I had a 10 year old, and we were on holiday but that is really a rip off. I know the movies are (were) made with special cameras but is animated IMAX the same? Anyone know. What surprised me the most I think is that the cinema (which is obviously huge) was nearly full! We spoke with a family of 4 and they were as shocked as we were - but same position - there, and not wanting to disappoint the children.

Brisbane had an IMAX theatre in about 1990 and I went to a couple of movies there with work. The movies I saw showed the IMAX concept in the best light. It was really spectacular but I'm not sure Ninja Turtles action in 3D really did it for me. Anyway, I said to Alex the next time he'll be going will be when he's working, LOL!

I got an email tonight from my niece in New Zealand. Of the merino/nylon tights I made and gave her she said "Wanted to say thank you for the most comfortable, warm, amazing thermal pants ever! I refuse to take them off. They're brilliant! So thank you!! ". This was with the merino terry backed nylon grey fabric I bought. I actually made them for me but the were too long and too high waisted and they fit her perfectly. The fabric is soft with the merino touching the skin (super soft) and the nylon making it very durable. They don't pill, dry quickly are warm and so comfy and are thick and don't have that horrible look that thin fabric gives. I have some lime green too.
Actually there wasn't much wine o'clock for me but there was good coffee.

This is the view of Darling Harbour at dusk from our apartment in Sydney.

No introduction needed!

Bondi Beach - I haven't been to Bondi for a long time. 

Part of a rail train cycling/walking train in Newcastle (we took our bikes for some small rides)

Son eating mulberries at a gigantic tree along the rail trail. Such fun. I love this photo,

This is from a rock wall.

I did buy some fabric in Sydney which I washed today (got back last night) so I'll photograph it and show tomorrow. 

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