Thursday, October 9, 2014

Purchases from the road trip and projects in progress.

Actually, these fabrics above are from The Fabric Store a couple of days ago. The coloured on is a lovely lightweight silk that will make a perfect summer top ($18 1.6m remnant), and the other is the merino backed (the lighter colour that is terry like texture) and nylon stretch stuff that was $8 per metre and what I made the warm tights out of, so as there was more there I bought some more. It's very useful, easy care, great colour and won't go to waste.

This lovely turquoise and dark gold embroidered border eyelet I got at Metro Textiles (or fabrics or something) in Sydney. I dragged my son there for a morning (under promise he would get some swapping cards he is currently interested in), with high hopes of getting some bra making notions and lots of fabric (that I don't need).  This is a polyester that feels very silk like, is lightweight and really gorgeous. I got 2 metres @ $8 per metre.

My experience here was less that enjoyable. The man 'serving' wasn't anywhere to be seen for a good 10 minutes, he was completely disinterested and less than helpful. If I asked a question he did answer but with the most perfunctory manner. I bought this fabric, some underwear elastic, some offcuts of power net to practice with and a really bad taste in my mouth. Add to this, when I got home and went to wash my fabric, it was cut on quite a severe angle with me loosing a good 30 cm on the border edge. It's not a big deal, and can happen but you are more likely to be forgiving when you have interacted well with the seller. I'm afraid I would not go back. There was a lot of fabric there - at times overwhelming and the prices were pretty good. Seeing as I had to go from the city and it was 35 minutes by bus each way, a lot of time was invested for a not unpleasant, but definitely unsatisfactory engagement. If you need fabric and are in the area, by all means go, but don't expect happy service. I hope I was there on an off day.

So travelling through country towns presented the opportunity to shop in the op shops. I got a great number of patterns and some books. I guess all up the above cost me $15 at the most. Most of the patterns were .20cents, the books were $2 ea and the Enid Gilchrist book (very poor condition) was only $1.50. The Knit Wit books I have, so I will sell these but hard to resist at only $2 and they are still sought after.

These are my Simplicity 1918 Amazing Fit pants. They look green here but they are a deep aqua and white tiny houndstooth pattern.  I'm a bit perplexed about these. I have the trial pair I made a while ago. They fit really well in a straight 14 (maybe a touch big). They did have a bit of stretch and this fabric does not but they are not even close to fitting and yet if I put them against each other they are pretty close to the same.  I did cut the lower leg narrower by putting the Vogue jeans leg pattern on and cutting that shape. I like this narrower leg better than the original which I found a bit wide. 

I'm really disappointed as I was planning an outfit that was inspired by a Burda magazine image of a bias A-line skirt in the same aqua houndstooth looking fabric (this one is from an op shop and is old, old, old) and a lime green top. I have some yellow/lime green cotton lace that I want to make a top for this outfit but I'm a bit deflated by the pants not fitting.  

Close up of the houndstooth and fly zip.

These are the swimming togs I'm making for Alex. The white strip is a mistake design feature. It is only on one side because I cut the one piece of one side short - how, I don't know, but just put a strip of white there and the white waistband.  The fabric in the corner is what I am making the Burda dress out of. I had a photo but can't find it now. 


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  2. I love looking at op shops for sewing treasures and because they don't cost much you can experiment and stuff ups don't hurt as much. Bummer about the embroidered fabric being cut wrong. You sound more forgiving than I would be -could you ring the fabric store up?

    1. I'm not so forgiving Janine, I won't go back and I get to Sydney probably twice a year (probably better for me too, I don't need any more fabric!) but mostly because I don't think I'd get a good response and while I normally so give business' the opportunity to fix problems, I just can't be bothered.


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