Sunday, November 9, 2014

Brisbane Frocktails!

Sophie and Rosie

Bianca, Karen and Alice

Collette, Kat and Lizzy
Erin and Julie
Bianca, Karen, Collette, Kat and Lizzie

Unknown sewer, Me, Marjorie and another unknown to me person. (photo stolen from Buzy Lizzie's instagram)

I had such a wonderful time last night. It was a beautiful setting; by the pool of the Rydges Hotel at Southbank. We had lovely morsels of food, lovely chatter and some lovely sparking beverages. Can you see the sparkle in Marjorie's dress above? It is beautiful with the simple design letting the fabric shine, literally. The fabric of Unknown Sewer on the left was divine and had a beautiful, 50's type pouffy (meant in the good way) skirt, can you believe that fantastic sequin fabric of Unknown Sewer on right came from Spotlight???!! No Spotlight I've ever gone into... in real life it looks simply sensational.

As I said yesterday, I was hoping that someone would recognise my fabric as I scored it from the High Tea in March. And someone did... Erin had donated that piece and I'm so glad she did. It's a beautiful fabric. Perfect for this dress. 

After wearing this dress all night I have to say there will be others! It fits really well (after some modifications of the top half) and is SO comfortable. I recommend this dress to anyone, especially if you don't have a lot of time as it is probably a maximum 2 hour sew up (the tracing... well that's another story - maybe you'll prefer to download it from the Burda site - I was too cheap to do that :)!).

On my way there, I was thinking how marvellous it was   to be going to see some 25 people, all who made all their own beautiful outfits. As I said to Marjorie last night, I see hundreds of people buying stuff at Spotlight, East Coast Fabrics, The Fabric Store etc but other than the Brisbane Spoolettes and two friends, I'm looked at as some sort of alien (the good sort). I hope there are more meet ups in our future. A great BIG THANK YOU to Rosie for organising the evening - she's been pretty busy these last few months (years Rosie?) so it was great she made the time. Thanks Ladies for a great evening! 

Oh, can we talk favourite dresses? I LOVVE Karen's dress. It is so beautiful, I'm so glad she wore this one as in real life it is even more luxurious than it looks. Really gorgeous (like Karen!). I really loved Alice's dress too... she's a real laugh!

*Sorry the photos are not the best but until the flash goes off in the dark I can't even see what's on the screen. 


  1. What a wondrous collection of fine frocks. It is incredible to think that they are all self made. Your dress turned out gorgeous. A fabulous vehicle for the fabric.

    1. Thanks BeeJay! A lucky score.

    2. What a lovely night - sometimes we make all sorts of lovely things, but have nowhere to wear them. Maybe sewing bloggers need to organise a few dress up events :)

    3. Yes Sarah, I always seem to make something 'special' and have nowhere to wear it. It was such a great night with a great setting too.

    4. What a great fun night out! So nice to meet with fellow seamsters :) Everyone looks gorgeous in their creations, including you! You look fabulous n that black and white print.

    5. Thank you Carolyn, that's a great compliment.

  2. Hot damn, if I'd known I'd have come! Keep me in mind for next time!

  3. Looks like a wonderful night out .


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