Saturday, November 8, 2014

Frocktails... tonight?

Why the question mark? Because until Tuesday I thought Frocktails was on the 18th of November, then Tuesday I was thinking, "Hang on if the 15th is the G20 meeting then the 18th cannot be a Saturday... doh! We had a funeral on Wednesday (of a dear, favourite Aunt) and appointments on Thursday. I had lots of big house jobs that had to get the last three weeks but then thought, they'll be finished by the 7th so I'll spend time making my dress for Frocktails. Ha!

I changed my plans and decided to make the Burda dress (above 6/2013 #105 but long length) mentioned previously for Frocktails and not a Vogue designer pattern I thought I'd make. I traced a little on Thursday and mostly Friday. Cut my fabric and lining and sewed my invisible zip last night. I'm happy to announce I did my invisible zip perfectly. I have to attach the lining and finish the dress ..... so why am I writing a blog post? Procrastinating of course. I've cleaned up the house too, including the sewing room so at least it's more pleasant to finish up.

This is the fabric I'm using. It was a fabric I picked up at the Brisbane meet up in March this year. If this works out well, I'll probably make another with some silk my friend gifted me from Vietnam a couple of years ago... she keeps asking what I'm ever going to make with it!

I think this will be fine for Frocktails as it is being held by a pool at a rooftop venue... it is 29 degrees today so really perfect for swanning about on a rooftop venue by a pool. Procrastination over... off to finish the dress. I did try some techniques and tools I haven't before so I'll show those tomorrow too. Cheers!


  1. That is a nice dress and will look lovely in your chosen fabric. So glad to hear I am not the only one who procrastinates when sewing. Sorry to hear of the passing of your aunt.

  2. Thank you for your thoughts BeeJay. Huge procrastinator in everything! I just thought I didn't get a photo of me in the dress! I only go photos of others! Check Buzy Lizzy in Brissie's blog.. she got some good photos.


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