Monday, November 3, 2014

Spot the mistake!

Hee, hee... it's not the blurry photos...

No, it's not the white band is put in incorrectly...

No, the legs are actually the same length....

The mistake? When I cut these out, somehow, the underneath piece of lycra was about 2cm shorter(??) and I didn't notice hence the 'design' feature of the white stripe.

These are cut from a pattern I cut off a pair I bought in Cyprus in 2009 when Alex was 5 years old. I just added a couple of centimetres all the way  round and this worked this time and the last time I used this 'pattern' (the photo is right down the bottom) I don't think this will work as Alex gets older... I want to invest in a Jalie pattern and will do that soon. Togs are anywhere from $15 - $20 for cheap ones and $30 - $50 for better brands so it's worth making them. I don't really worry about 'brands' and although some people say the more expensive ones last longer, I haven't noticed that at all.. I do notice that size wise they only fit for one season so why bother paying double.

I made the waistband white with a 2cm wide elastic, in the same way I'd put a band on. I put bands on the legs, like I did for my niece's swim shorts in September. I like the look and it's a better finish. I bought this navy lycra from a 2nd hand shop about 5 years ago for $2! From the feel it was a very good quality lycra - it is hefty and firm and sews up really well. I'm told they are comfortable and 'perfect' - lets see if they stand to to swimming as they'll be used today at school swimming and then training this afternoon.

You can also see the fit of the swim rashie I made for Alex a couple of months ago. It's pretty good.. I like the length of the sleeves - a little longer for coverage. I'm not happy with the neckline though - it's a little wide so next time I'll try and remember to extend the sleeve and body pieces to make the neckline smaller.

The lycra remnant from Glitter and Dance is really lovely quality but I'm not happy with the flatlocking. It opened up a little under the arms and I repaired it with a quick zig zag.... Alex doesn't notice, but I need to work out how to tie the ends off so it doesn't unravel... any ideas?

I have finished my Burda dress and took some terrible photos so I'll get some better ones and post that soon. I'm happy with it and have been wearing it this weekend. I also have to get on with my Frocktails dress.


  1. I've done that before - great save. The white looks like it was meant to be there.

  2. Yep I wouldn't of picked the issue if you hadn't of mentioned it~ great save indeed! ... J


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