Friday, December 12, 2014

Burda 7205 - dowdy and unflattering?

I saw this pattern in the Burda Style magazine and Kristy of Lower Your Presser Foot made it mid last year and I really liked it. I saw this pattern on sale at Gardam's pop up shop in Edward St months ago and bought it. The pattern recommends cutting the dress on the bias but I used some rayon and thought the drape would be enough. Plus I just wanted to see what the dress was like before investing too much time and expensive fabric on it. The Burda Style top is slightly different in that it doesn't have the band on it; just is straight cut on the sides.

Hmmm... yes headless shots as my hair was not cooperating that day (does it ever??) You can see in the second photo how much my right shoulder drops. The dress is cool and comfortable on but I don't think it is very flattering ... dowdy really. I'm not sure if it's the colours or the length or both, or maybe it's because I didn't cut on the bias but I don't think it's that as there is plenty of drape. I wouldn't want it much shorter but these are not my colours and originally bought this in two colour ways.. one a hot pinks and purples that I made a dress from (unblogged  and just a pillowcase style dress) but this blue/grey one I bought to make a jump suit for my sister, but she didn't like it. I like it, but the colours aren't me.

I think the back needs to be cut a little narrower as the straps drop off - this is due to three things - narrow shoulders and it being a little wide for me plus naturally my shoulders drop where 'normally' they should be more squared. I know this from making toiles for myself during the Apparel Production course I did years ago although due to an injury the right shoulder is much more dropped now. I think that's three.  I also found the armholes to be a bit big too. Do I need a FBA on this?Anyway as I said it is cool and comfortable but should I try and make it again in fabric I like more? or is it just too dowdy?


  1. I really like it and think it looks great on you. Love the fabric. If you don't feel really great in it and feel that there are better patterns out there for your finer fabric then perhaps you should save your better fabric. You have to feel good in your clothes.

  2. I agree with BeaJay. Also, this could be a classic case of what works for one person may not work for another. Your recent evening dress really suited you, and I suspect this dress suits Kristy.

  3. I think it would work better if it didn't have the elastic waist...either as a dress length or cut off shorter as a top

  4. I just looked at Kristy's top and her cowl drapes much lower than your...which really changes the proportions. Maybe you need to widen the cowl so that it drapes lower.


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