Saturday, February 28, 2015

Stash busting with Burda 2711 pyjamas

Finally I made some pjs. I made some about 18 months ago (with Butterick 6883) and I still wear the aqua ones (the others were a gift for my sister). The top on the Butterick was a bit wide in the front and the strap kept falling down... I say was, because I also fixed that up today and took  cm out of the width of the top edge (1.5cm each side) and resewed the binding straps and now they fit perfectly.

However, we are here to see the new Burda pyjamas.

They don't look so good on the mannequin as she is much wider in the shoulders than me. I made my bias binding for the arm holes/straps and the back, but I wanted a contrast for the front. I have a tiny piece of lace that was in my Mum's stash but I couldn't find it (of course) as I was going to put it under the matching bias but when I couldn't find it I decided to use the purchased (eons ago) bias as the colour was right, and then I found the ribbon so put that on too. I like that the ribbon and the contrast bias are not matching... the sort of silly detail you can decide on when you make it yourself.

Oops.. blurry photo of the fabric, bought bias and ribbon. This was a pattern I picked up recently at an Op Shop and there wasn't any instructions in it. Ha, no need for instructions, how hard are these to work out. I put pockets in the shorts (not really convinced I need pockets in the shorts but they are there now and when I am snivelling I might think otherwise) and put the binding on the front and back first and then made a ring of the bias for the straps and armholes and put in on in the round. Easy peasy. These are a much better shape for my small back and pocky out front. The darts are a little long but you don't see them with this busy print.

I sewed the bias on with the pink thread because I liked the contrast. There is quite the angle at that join! The fabric is a piece that came from Singapore when my friend was passing through about 6 years ago. I gave her some money to buy me some cottons and silks. She chose all the fabrics and funnily, there was 4 pieces and they all have floral details - the silk being embossed on, one half made into a dress that is floral but bigger (black and white roses- lovely) and the other one is a small paisley. This one is a bit cutesy for me but perfect for decent pyjamas.

Can't remember if there is a centre back seam or not on the pattern but I made one to save fabric (although what do I do with that small piece now?) but I think I really did it to make a sway back adjustment. However now I don't remember if I did and the fit indicates, if I did, it wasn't enough. I'm not worried. I slept in the shorts last night (that's why they are crumpled) but I only just finished the top.

They fit really well and I think I will keep this pattern for a go-to pyjama pattern. I have some lovely prints in my stash for gift pyjamas I think. The Butterick pattern is out!

Don't know what is next. We have the Brisbane Spoolettes meet up in March (on my birthday no less) and I want to make a dress... decisions, decisions!


  1. Very pretty PJs. They look like a pair from Sussans and I love their nightwear. My daughter bought me all florals from a trip to Japan as well !

  2. I agree with Janine, these are just too gorgeous - absolutely love everything about the way you have made them, including that contrast stitching. As for the little bits - some people make lingerie. Not that I have ventured into those realms yet...

  3. Bust that stash!!! Looks very pretty and lovely to sleep in!

  4. Very nice jimmy jams. Cute.

  5. such pretty fabric - perfect thing to sew up for your blog name ;o)

    1. Ha.. ha... I didn't even think of that!

  6. Cute pjs. I look forward to celebrating your birthday!


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