Sunday, March 15, 2015

Can you guess?

Can you guess what this is going to be (it's nearly done!)

There has been sewing going on. My son goes to camp for a week tomorrow and needed a 'fancy dress costume'. (on a side note, I found out only after being the cray cray woman at school... they don't give ANY information about the camp so I only knew this because I asked for a copy of their schedule, how dare I? - I got it Friday.) I have made some shorts from some Indian cotton type heavy weave stuff (that was conveniently lying around) and then I had to make the top part. If you have an 8 - 13 or so year old boys around you might guess. I'm copying something I saw on the internet to buy... I'll show you my inspiration and the final results tomorrow. 

I went to East Coast Fabrics to get some fleece and bumped into Liz from Busy Lizzie in Brizzie. She's got so many things she needs to sew for at the moment, but I'm sure she'll do it. It was fun to get excited together about the fabrics instead of having my son negotiate going to the toy shop for the same amount of time! (I usually oblige... ). We have the Brisbane Sewers High Tea in two weeks and neither of us have made anything yet. I have a dress that needs about 20 minutes work but that was put on the back burner to help a friend finish off a school uniform for her daughter and this costume.

While running from the sewing machine to the overlocker, I made Asian style plum sauce. I went to the markets last weekend and got about 500g of president plums for $1 (they are my favourite plums but you don't see them much anymore - light green flesh with a deep plum coloured skin). They were in a punnet and I knew they'd be soft.. but $1 people. They were much softer a week later I can tell you.  I just got some basic ingredients from a recipe online and made it my own (not recorded actually) I did put in some whole dried chillies to give it a touch of oomph.

This is the finished result... not much there.. enough for us for a while though. I'm not a fan of plum sauce normally but that's more because of added extras I don't like.
What does it go with? Any hints?
Any ideas what costume I am making?

(on a side note, the wood you see behind the sauce are two rolling pins my Grandfather made. My Mother is Cypriot and they make a very thin pastry, that needs to be about 1 metre to 1.5 metres round,  and is rolled out using a long, thin rolling pin that has a taper at one end. The taper is to make the pin roll out in an arc and thereby getting the pastry as thin as possible. When I was in Cyprus in 1992, I asked my Grandfather to make me one and he jumped up immediately, went to the lemon tree, cut a straightish branch and whittled it there and then. Oh, I didn't mention he was 92 years old. That was the last holiday time I would see him as he died in 1995. I love my rolling pin. The metal thing behind is also from Cyprus (2009) and is like a sieve .. hand punched in decorative design.)
More in a few days.


  1. I have no idea on the costume!
    That is really sweet, not just the rolling pin from your Dad but the memory too!

  2. I have no idea about the costume either. Is it minion related? The sauce looks good and what a great job your Dad did on the pin - and to think it actually came from the tree.

  3. Adventure time come on grab your friends - also popular with girls and husbands - I'm nearly finished my dress for the high tea ;o)


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