Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Remember when I said the dog raincoat wasn't the next thing I'd make.....

..... well I was wrong!

This is made from leftover aqua fleece (lining) and fluro red ripstop (only 6 metres left). I adapted a costume pattern and I'd say I'm about 95% right. I measured the dog and he did a fitting (I can't believe I said that) and I just needed to put the velcro on. So in the last two weeks either the coat shrunk (no) or the dog has put on weight. In all fairness, the dog had his food changed a couple of weeks ago and has suffered ever since. He's been having epileptic fits and my Mum and sister (who's dog it is) have been very distressed about it. They changed the food back after a bit of Google veterinarian advice (and the real vet at a cost of nearly $500) and he's doing well now. Forecast is heavy rain on Thursday and Friday so I thought I'd better get it finished. I have to put an extension on the front strap to fit around his belly and then he'll be all ready. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it.

What a drag the final stitches were literally. The velcro had sticky backing which I thought was great to fix it to the fabric and it wouldn't slide around or need pins. It was fine for until the last 10 cm I'd need to sew. The needle gummed up from the sticky backing and the thread would stick on it and then break. Eventually I left it and went to do it by hand... I'm glad I didn't push it as I have that extension to do no.  So frustrating... it took over 15 minutes to try and sew that last 10 cm. 

Onto other things... remember when I made this tunic for my Mum? (It was ages ago)

Well Mum finally wore it today and I got a photo! She was quite pleased with it. I want to make some of those tops for me this autumn/winter. That's a great pattern and very quick and easy.

Also I found this new to me blog and it had this tip for sewing thick fabrics or many layered fabrics.
A new to me tip which I tried this afternoon and although it didn't work spectacularly, I would try it again. Let me know if you knew this or if you try it and how it worked for you.

**Note to Alice ... it was me that donated that pink embroidered fabric.  (I don't have instagram) I could not work out what to do with it, but love your use of it as a feature fabric. I also donated the bedazzler thing......


  1. Thanks for letting me know about the fabric, I love it, and there is still quite a bit left which is good. Cute raincoat too!

  2. Your Mum looks great in this top

  3. Your dog is a show stealer in that little red raincoat - I love it. Amazing that a change in diet caused such an effect. Something to be said for eating plain, good, food, animals and humans alike.

    Your Mum looks lovely - I hope she likes the top - I'm sure she would - you would have chosen something she may have liked, I am sure.

  4. Love your little red riding hood for your dog, very cute! We could never change our dog's food or even dog wash because he would have a bad reaction too

  5. you didn't do the dinosaur spikes?! Hope he's wearing today, the rain started!

  6. How cute is that dog! Your mum looks great in her top too.

  7. Your mum is so cute. My boss at work recently bought a coat for her dogs and they are dinosaur ones. Very cute. Hey, I'm having two giveaways on my blog so do pop on over!!! All Things Mum.

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  9. Your dog is looking cute in that red raincoat. awesome!!!
    Also I was thinking to buy dog raincoat for my sweet puppy. And now this post solves a lot of my problems.Many thanks once again :)


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