Sunday, May 10, 2015

Before I move on...

I thought before I move on to making some stuff for the cooler temps (that have just started here),
 I should finish some of the stuff I had lying around I hadn't finished. Along with this dress, I have a pair of the Amazing Fit trousers in black nearly done and a Style Arc Dotty Blouse (sans sleeves) cut and ready to sew.  I really need a lot of things at the moment. Everything is worn out or just old and mostly just getting to and from school, doesn't worry me, but it's a bit embarrassing to wear the same old stuff when I sew and have a stash that could cover the Andes.

So this dress is a rehash. If you remember I made this way back (l looked for the post but I can't find it) and it was a Burda pattern with a cross over bodice with some ties. It just never fit properly - the bodice needed a FBA and where the ties met with the bodice and skirt and side seams it was so bulky it just didn't sit well. I really love the fabric (bought in Auckland from a favourite fabric shop) and I remember it was $4 per metre and it is just lovely.

So, probably 12 months ago I unpicked the dress - separated the skirt and recut the top front. I used a modern Kwik Sew cowl dress pattern and just cut the top front from it. I took out about 3 cm from the centre back, and I had to piece about a 3cm wide band on the back bodice to make it fit the front. The armholes are really big on the Kwik Sew pattern and I noticed this when I made a quick mock up ages ago. I also took about 1cm off the edge of the shoulders for my sloping shoulders. I attached the skirt to the top and it's wearable.

After I took these photos (and decided I really did need to lose the 20 kg I've put on over the years) I also took the side seam in about 3cm each side tapering from just under the bust to the hip line and the dress sits more fitted there and looks much better. Think I'll take about 5cm off the hem too.

Ha, ha.. .I even made an effort and put shoes on (heels even) and some lipstick. All I can see are my "fat capsules" (as my son calls the excess).

I've got a pair of swimmers that I made (bar elastic) about 18 months ago and never finished next with those aforementioned pants and top. Oh I also made a Mandy Boat Tee two weeks ago - I'll try to get a photo of it.

Happy Mother's Day for tomorrow to all the Mum's out there. 


  1. Isn't it great to remake something that you then actually wear?. It looks pretty, and you should make the most of yourself, no matter what your weight.

  2. Oh thank you that's a lovely comment. I don't stress about my weight... menopause has done this to my mother's family from tiny little women to overweight. Can't wait till that's over and hopefully it will be easier to lose some of it.

  3. That is a really fun print! Enjoy your new dress!

  4. It's a really nice dress and the fit is good. Don't beat yourself up too much about appearance- an issue I struggle with too.

  5. I think that dress looks great on you!
    PS love the name of you blog...
    :-) Chris


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