Friday, May 15, 2015

Do you know Glitter and Dance?

Glitter and Dance are a Brisbane dance supply retailer at Mansfield, not too far from me. They supply dance fabrics, dance patterns, costumes and all the extras that go with this. Some of their customers
include:  The Australian Ballet Company, The Queensland Ballet & Theatre and Warner Bros. Movie World Production. They are also a Telstra Business Awards winner (for 2014). I haven't bought much from them - some SPF50 swimwear lycra and some remnants. They are a very friendly family run company and were a pleasure to deal with. They have a VIP club that gives you early access to specials via email and some discounts.

The neck is too wide on this pattern so I'll adjust it next time, but overall it was a good fit.
Just so there is a photo, I'm showing the rashie I made for Alex late last year with the SPF50 swimwear lycra bought from Glitter and Dance. Of course now it is too small (as are the swim shorts) but there is no outdoor swimming till after the September school holidays so I have time to go in and get some for next summers rashie and swimmers.

Now there are two reasons I am writing about them... no, I haven't taken up dancing and I'm not making costumes for any dancers. They recently ran a Mother's Day competition for VIP members - write about why you'd like to take your Mother to the Dirty Dancing live show starting in the next couple of weeks in Brisbane. I wrote in about my Mum, who has had some huge challenges and has looked after two family members for decades, and who has not been to a live show like this ever.... there were two winners... and I was one of them!!! I'm so pleased.. it's for opening night even! I must get organised and make a new dress suitable for winter wear to the theatre.. any suggestions?

The second reason I am writing about them is because they are asking for people to blog for them. This is what they say:

Blogger Alert … Want to write for us?

Tell us about your sport or amazing experience.

Are you attending dance events or performances, or ice skating and gymnastics or are you a sewing expert, or maybe a dance mum?  We are sure that you have something worth sharing that our readers would love to read about!

Well we are on the hunt for bloggers to share their passion for our performance industry and keep fans updated on what’s news, or what’s “in” or what is making you smile at the moment.  We can even organise tickets to get you to events that you would like to write about.  We only ask for one small article a month (300 words).  We want to hear all!
If you think that this has your name written all over it, use the link below to send us an email!
You can contact them via email HERE if you would like to blog for them. I know some blogs I read use Glitter and Dance and would be well placed to write for them. 


  1. How lucky for you. Looking forward to seeing your dress for the theatre.

  2. Glitter and Dance is such a great name for a sportswear fabric company! I never heard of them but I'm in the US. Congrats on winning the tickets--hope you have a great time with your mum!


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