Monday, July 20, 2015

Butterick See & Sew B5203 in vintage wool mix.

I made one of the tops of Butterick B5203 (bottom right pattern).  This is a pattern that my friend sent  from the U.S. for me. I like this style when I see it on other people but wouldn't pick it myself, so it's great that a friend picks something a bit different. It's for a floaty woven so I used a stable knit that's about the weight of ponte. It is from my Mum's stash from the '70's. When she saw this top, she remembered the fabric immediately and said she had planned to make a long coat - think '70's long coat. It is excellent quality but when washed it creases as bad as linen (!) but after ironing it springs back good as new (or really old as the case may is).

That scarf I seem to be pulling at due to the timer setting, was made by my friend with finger knitting. I love it as it doubles as a 'necklace' but also is warm enough for a winter's day in Brisbane (mostly). I have three in different colours (two she made and one was Mother's day gift from my son.)
Ok...sorry... shocking iPhone photos. I don't know why they are so bad (although sometimes my son turns some of those filters on). They were inside with a flash due to really bad day outside. Moving on.... you can just see the fine stripe that runs through this's woven in which is handy as you can line up the stripes easily and keep everything on grain. Funnily, even with these bad photos the colour is pretty true... it is a very bright tomato red and the stripe is black/navy.

I tried to do a sway back adjustment but cut on the fold. I messed up somehow as the side seam does not run straight but curves to the front. I cut the size 8 at the top to the armscye end and then out to the 14 at the hip. I also cut the neckline a bit deeper as I don't like such a high neckline with a larger bust. It was still so big in the back neckline that I put in two short shoulder darts. This worked out very nicely and were really well done, but alas no photos. I put the sleeves in on the flat and I made use of the red thread in the coverstitch machine and finished the hems and sleeve hems with it and it worked perfectly. I made a band for the neckline and finished that with the coverstitch too. I should have shortened the band a bit as after washing it doesn't sit flat but with pressing it fixes it.

I wore this to a friend's birthday in the park during the school holidays with about 6 other Mums and all the children. I received many compliments and although it is great to have a heavy top for the winter, I think I'll give it to Mum as this orangey red doesn't really suit my sallow skin tone. I really like the pattern however and will use it again, hopefully soon. Incidentally, when I was at Spotlight yesterday, I tried to find this pattern in the pattern book, but it seems there are no See & Sew Patterns listed in there anymore (and I think in the U.S. they have the See & Sew range in a little rack you pick them off) but I find the See & Sew patterns are usually the same pattern used under some other number with more options - does that make sense?

I am still finishing off the Ottobre jacket/sweatshirt because I'm procrastinating putting the zip in. That's all that's left to do and hemming, which will be done with the coverstitch machine. I have to change that thread and move on from the red so I will try to finish it tomorrow after some appointments. Lets see :)


  1. A lovely top. Looks like good winter coverage. Great colour too.

  2. Thanks BeaJay. Very uncomplimentary iPhone photos and angles :) never mind!


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