Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Burda 2/2015 Model 104 muslin.

I really love the unusual style of Burda Kenzo shirt copy. Chanel No 6 blog person has made this top and as I had it out of the library I thought I'd give it a go as mentioned in the previous post. I never make muslins (toiles) as I get bored making the same thing twice in a row but that's probably why I don't have a good fit, and I really wanted to see if this would suit me before cutting into some nicer fabric. 

Photo courtesy of Chanel No 6 blog.
I was looking for something else in the stash that lives in the boxes under the house and found this quite stiff poly/cotton (I think) fabric which is really perfect to see drape of the flounce. They are not good photos - using the selfie stick and the mirror at night. Not a perfect scenario but the best I can do not having a photographer at home at the moment.

I love the flounce on the front. I'm surprised it looks ok. I made the muslin with no sleeves yet and I haven't attached the collar either but I will to see the fit. It's my first two piece sleeve.

I'm not sure of the back view. It's a really terrible photo and you can't see the details so I'll finish and try and get better photos. The right side is sitting funny as I caught a pucker in the seam but otherwise the flounce is really nice. I think this will look nice in a plain fabric. I'll talk about attaching those very curvy convex and concave seams as my computer is running out of battery any second.


  1. This looks like it has great potential.

    You are so lucky to have Burda in your library.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I agree on both counts. I discovered a few years ago, that the library (here in Brisbane at least) will get things in that you request!! I have requested some foreign films and series and am thinking I should see if they will get La Mia and other pattern magazines but who am I kidding, I have enough to sew!


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