Sunday, November 29, 2015

So, I didn't need it... but how could I resist?

Well, I couldn't resist. I went to the fabric sale but vowed not to spend too much. I mean, I have linens from there from 25 year ago! (beautiful Italian linens that were then $2 for a 3 metre length!)

As it transpired, I forgot to get any extra cash and so only had the amount I had in my coin tray in the car - I use this for the parking meters normally so I better restock it!

First up, above, a cotton fabric that is actually more khaki than the grey it appears above. It was .50c and is enough for a pair of casual trousers or maybe jeans.

 This viscose (rayon) above matches perfectly and $6 for 1.25 metres of 140cm wide is a good buy particularly when it is a lovely print. This should become a top to match those pants I'll make (cough, cough) above.

This a a beautiful piece of linen that is a beautiful watermelon red colour. Dress or drawstring pants? $2? could you resist??

 These are merino scraps in a black, purple red and that grey colour. Each of these pieces would be enough for a front or back of a t-shirt or  a long sleeve. I may even make my intrepid niece some merino undies as she likes these but I don't think she likes the prices!

These are synthetic scraps also - they were wrapped together and who could resist those colours together. Also enough to make a lightweight cardi or something in winter. They don't normally have synthetic knits but as long as it isn't next to my skin I don't care.

 This is also a beautiful piece of linen - 1.75cm long and 140 wide for $12 - bargain!

 This chevron knit is also a remnant and synthetic but for $1 I couldn't resist it either and there are enough in the pieces to make a skirt for winter.

This last piece is a remnant big enough for a shirt. It's an interesting cotton fabric that I bought a couple of years ago for $8 per metre from them (still not made) but the interesting bit is, that it is woven with metal threads through it. This was evident when I did a burn test to see if it was indeed the same fabric as the one I had already. As I am in need of everything casual and not old or just plain  worn out, I should be able to make some nice things for nearly nothing - this whole haul cost a mere $25. I probably couldn't get one metre of linen for $25 so I'm very happy... now to make stuff.

Anyone else get there?


  1. All I can say is what a score!

  2. Lovely, lovely, lovely. I'm glad you succumbed...

  3. So jealous! I was not well enough to go this year, but looks like you got some great stuff.

  4. Great bargains and some lovely pieces of fabric that look like they will also work well together

  5. Wow - great scores! I adore the swallow print, and the zig-zag. Now you have to sew them all up, hehe!

  6. Some really nice looking fabrics for absolute bargains!

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  8. I couldn't have resisted either ! Looking forward to seeing what you make .


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