Monday, December 21, 2015

Using the scraps.

My niece loves very basic but quality "adventure" type clothing. She has a basic merino singlet in black fine merino that she loves but it has been discontinued by the adventure clothing company. My mind went 'ding' and I remembered the scraps of merino I bought at the fabric sale for $2 for the lot. I  got the singlet from her yesterday and cut out a pattern this afternoon and sewed one up in three hours.

The colours above are not very representative, but they are her colours. There is enough for three more singlets. I made the pattern a bit shorter in between the armhole as she is short bodied like me. I think for $2 I can take a chance. She said she wouldn't like the red one but it's more a rust than the red it appears here and I think she'll like it. If not it will be a good trial of the pattern and if she still doesn't want it, I can use it.

The black one is the bought one. I literally had enough to cut the front and back out and piece a binding strip for the neckline only. The armholes are bound on the bought one too, but no chance to even piece together enough for two armholes so as the coverstitch had red thread, I just turned the armholes over and coverstitched them  and the hem. The neckline I bound by putting a binding strip on the neckline with the overlocker and then turned it over and coverstitched it too. I had the neck open at one shoulder seam for binding and then closed the second shoulder seam after sewed up the side seams on the overlocker and then did the armholes and hemmed it last.

I put a label on like it is on the bought one. I think with these kind of labels, they could say anything but as long as it gives the impression of a "label" then that's enough for some people to think it's  something better.

A very bad photo of the neckline. I didn't stretch it enough at the front neck so it pokes out a bit. It's not as bad as it looks here though. I think because I don't do this so much I forget the 'feel' of how much to stretch it or even to stretch it at all some places. I'm going to see if anyone notices it. I should try and steam it tomorrow. I also haven't used the coverstitch since I finished the Ottobre merino hoodless hoodie. I so need more practice.

The tops side by side again. The black one is longer but this is all the length in the scrap  and I think it will still be ok... my niece is short waisted like me but taller so I'm confident it will be fine. Lets face it ... the price is right so even if she uses it as a layering piece and saves $60 (or more) I'm sure she'll be happy.

*UPDATE: My niece tried the top on this morning. It's a win! I have to scoop out the front bottom part of the armhole a little and it is perfect. She loved the rust colour as predicted and loves the other colours too.  I was so pleased... of course she didn't notice the neckline and in truth it was much less noticeable on her as she is a little taller and broader than me. It sits at the perfect length. That will be one gift for Christmas that will be well received. Off to get matching threads so I can make the rest.

We have had a busy three weeks with my son finishing primary school and all the activities (school and friends) that entails. I was exhausted so there hasn't been much time for anything else. I wanted to make my son a shirt and some nice trendy trousers/chino pants but I couldn't find a suitable pattern so we bought an outfit and my son looked very smart. 

My son went to the same school as my Goddaughter and they have held their graduations at Queensland Parliament House. After the formalities inside a pretty boring room, there was a BBQ dinner on the outside terrace overlooking the river and Southbank Parklands. It was a beautiful night and my beautiful boy had a great time and looked so smart. 

Finally ..... Merry Christmas to you all. I hope your day is filled with fun and happiness, good food and most importantly, time with your loved ones. 


  1. Gorgeous little tops - I agree, the label is what a garment is all about, as far as most people are concerned. A good label on a badly made garment will sell the garment. Both you and your son look lovely. Merry Xmas, and Happy New Year, look forward to blogging with you next year.

    1. Thank you all round Sarah Liz! Same to you. I hope you have a great festive season.

  2. Thanks for all the effort you put into your posts. They are always an interesting read and you are inspiring. I have just bought my first overlocker ( a used Bernette 334DS) now need to learn how to use it. I don't know much about them. I have stitched on someone else's a couple of times and that's all. So here I go. It's going to be a steep learning curve. I've always had a phobia of stitching knits, so I hope to change that.
    All the best for best for Christmas and I might see you around next year. Evelyn.

    1. Hi Evelyn Thanks! They are lovely sentiments. You will be fine with your overlocker and can I suggest getting a lesson at one of the sewing places... they are about $35 for 30 min and they are invaluable ... it will take years off your self-learning curve! I hope I bump into you in the new year too.

  3. great gifts! We had a busy end to the school year too, can't imagine what it's like to have one moving on to highschool. Best wishes, Colette.


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