Saturday, February 27, 2016

Best laid plans..

This is where my togs are at still.... I wanted to finish them to do aqua on Friday but I didn't have the right elastic, what I had was too wide. I went to Trad's on Thursday night to get some and my son wanted sushi for dinner and that was ticking two boxes with one trip. I parked at the shopping centre and luckily I checked for something in my bag before I sat down to eat and realised I left my wallet at home... sigh! So we went back home, got the wallet and I said to my son, I'm getting the elastic before we eat, but of course he closed at 7pm and it was 7.04pm.  Sigh! So instead of avoiding one trip in the car, I added an extra one because I had to go back yesterday after  aqua aerobics and coffee. I hope to finish them today and swim in them this afternoon.

This is a close up of the topstitching on the panels. Two things to note. I realised after finishing that I should have made the stitch length longer. Confession - I rarely think to change the stitch length on a straight stitch for some reason... haste? The other thing to note is the print is upside down on the small side panel of togs, shown here on the right hand side of the photo. I was fitting pattern pieces on scraps and didn't take note of the direction. As I had already lined it and was being lazy, I didn't recut it. You'd have to be pretty close to me to notice it so I'm guessing not many will. Of course they will be dazzled by the fact that I MADE MY OWN TOGS, they won't even notice! Ha ha ha!

I got all inspired while having no elastic and started these togs that I cut out about 2 years ago and then got scared out. I don't know why really. It's just fabric that I got cheap for practice so it wouldn't really matter but I'd get skills honed, but still I procrastinate. I have to lose this fear with no real consequences... I mean it's not base jumping or anything!

This is the pattern and as you can see, the front isn't featured at all, but the back has basically the same straps done in a variety of ways. I like the one with the ring in the middle but wonder if it would hurt my back, but I doubt it. I'm not sure what the difference is between A and F... just checked .. it has the straps going through a number of rings that make a tube if that makes sense. i.e view F is the flat ring and view A the rings are stacked and the straps go through... that makes more sense.

I also got my Ottobre Spring/Summer 2016 issue delivered yesterday. I really like this issue and really want to use more of these patterns. I find they are really nicely drafted and although Burda is terrific for styles, I hate the pattern sheets. I have pulled out a couple of my old Burdas and they have the old pattern sheets, and it is so much easier to trace.

Some really nice basic (again) but very useable styles. I think these great basics really highlight nice fabrics, of which I have plenty. I seem to have some sewing mojo at the moment so maybe that clear out, while it isn't so obvious looking around, has cleared the air for me and freed the sewjo!

I think this is one of the nicest pattern sets I've seen with the more mature model. It's great fabric but I think it shows how nicely this style can be without that too high waisted peplum look that I never really liked.

More basics that look like quick makes, and I love the two tone pants.

When I got to Trad's I picked up some of this great pineapple print rayon, it was only $3.50 a metre so how could I resist. There is more there with a black background and a white from memory. So cute and I like the smaller pineapples.  What do you think... could you resist this fabric? I think it will be a maxi dress.

Pineapples are a huge crop for Queensland and are so beautiful and sweet and juicy. I make a spiced pineapple dessert that I have with vanilla ice-cream. It's so easy -
chop your pineapple into bit size pieces, put into a baking dish with some crushed cardamom pods (if you like them), cinnamon stick, cloves and star anise, put some brown sugar over it and if you have some, extra pineapple juice. Leave in the oven for about 20 minutes on about 200 degrees .. let cool and YUM!

Oh, I also started the cloud shorts I had cut out for my son... they only need the zip, waistband and hemming done so hopefully they'll be finished for next post too. Happy sewing!

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  1. Nice job on your togs! I have to face the same unrealistic fear with my sewing projects too! I like that Ottobre woman's issue!


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