Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Jalie 3134 with the Girl with the Pearl Earring ... or Frida.

This is the second start at this. The first time was too long and detailed. The short version:
- son started high school... busy.. buses... piano... homework club etc
- old parents getting older
- house clear out (took forever... did every room)
- guests stay
- sewing room clean out.

I haven't finished the Burda pants still.. just the waistband and hem to do but I need togs before I need pants. To tell the truth, it has been so hot and humid here, I couldn't bear to think about trying them on to check the waistband size. I do need togs for aqua aerobics and lap swimming, my year round exercises of choice. I was so desperate, I bought a pair at Aldi (that are pretty nice actually for a really reasonable price) but they are not good for active swim sports, more for swanning about. 

I'm using Jalie 3134. There's a story to the pattern but I'll tell you about that another post. This fabric I got from a Brisbane Arcade, shop sale, where the shops sell off their extras. This is from the Tengdahl shop (actually I bought a few things - this was ages ago and I photographed it but haven't thought about blogging it since... oops). This was a scrap bag for $10. 

Look closely... the black lycra has a "girl with pearl earring" lookalike, and the orange has a Frida Kahlo look. I'm not sure it's swimwear lycra It is swimwear lycra but the pattern pieces fit perfectly on the scraps and it's 4 way stretch so as a wearable muslin, I think it will be ok. I'm not usually a fan of black with a colour (or black on top) but as this is so cute...). The little dots are a bit smaller than the  size of a 1 cent piece (remember those??). They are such cute prints. So different. (This link talks about the inspiration for this fabric by the designer and also how it is very personal for the artist who created the images for the print. Wish I had some of that white too.).

Interestingly, Julie's husband went to my high school and was in my last year's classes).

I'm half way through the making of the togs. I had a visitor yesterday and that slowed me up but I should be want to be finished with them for Friday morning's aqua class. Lets see how I go. What do you think about the fabric?


  1. Cool fabric.

    I never finished my house clear out so good for you!

  2. Oh, don't be too impressed Katherine, it's that sort of clear out you don't really see and wonder how you fit all that other stuff when it hasn't made a big difference! Still I'm glad it's done.

  3. Wow, interesting fabric and pattern. I'm just thinking about making my first pair, I have all the 'ingredients'. And I also need to do a house clean out (I'm telling myself it's been too hot and I'll do it when the weather cools down ;o)

    1. Oh Collette it has been too hot to do it and that's why it took forever. It's not polite to talk about dripping sweat is it? It's not hard to make togs but taking longer than anticipated (as usual).

  4. I just love the fabric, I think I would wear it - it's unique, but not in a really scary way.

    Love the short version of what has been going on - it says it all. I agree, how do we fit the clutter in? I'm getting rid of a few things as well - articles I will never read - why do we keep so much stuff???? Stash, is of course, the exception to the rule.

    1. Oh yes, articles I 'file' for later reading/use.. too many of those! Stash is the exception and I'm not going out of my way to look for any... no special sales are getting my attention, but if I run into a fabric sale... that's a free pass!


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