Friday, March 25, 2016

Dressing down with a dressing gown!

I have wanted an autumn dressing gown for a while. Not a summer one because it's just too hot to wear a dressing gown in summer here. It's still too hot at the moment but for once I'm ahead of the game!

I used some cotton I have had for a number of years from when I used to make kindy sheet sets for sale. I've always love the colours green and pink together and I just couldn't see this as anything other than a dressing gown. The contrast trim is what was sold as rayon from an online vendor for only $2 per metre but it's not a rayon as it melts with the burn test. I thought maybe it was a rayon/synthetic blend as the 'print' is kind of heat stamped on, but it's not, it is definitely synthetic. It has a nice drape though so you may see it again. (A note about the fabrics and online vendors: I also bought a slightly more purple with a different 'print' for the same money, but it too was sold as a rayon and it's not.... it's an Australian vendor so if you see it beware.. however I noticed it's not marked rayon any longer... I also bought a vivid voile with it marked as cotton and it's not... I've done the burn test and then later I saw it at Spotlight marked polyester. All these were $2 per metre so it's not a great investment but it is disappointing and has put me off buying online).

I don't think the pattern has pockets included and so I made some from scraps otherwise where would I put my tissues.. sniffle... sniffle? I pieced two bits together so put a little ruffle in the middle and bound the top edge. I like them.

I also put silver piping on the sleeves... they are long for me and bell shaped which is quite lovely if I'm going to swan about drinking my coffee but I normally have to do the dishes shortly after so  I can see the dishwashing stains already. I did mean to put it around the contrast but from one day to the next I completely forgot.. doh! Never mind, it made it a quick make. My niece came over and tried it on and went to Trad's for some lilac rayon pineapple print for hers so there will be more in the future.

The bottom of the gown is quite wide and wouldn't fit on the width of the fabric I had and I had no extra length so I just pieced a long triangle piece on the side seams to make it up. No one will ever notice and I really wanted to use up this fabric. However it doesn't look so good on me being so short so I'll either make it narrower or I'll give it to Mum for Mother's day. I'll see. I could also have put the sleeves in the wrong armhole. It could just be that it's a size too big as I bought the 16+ size accidentally. Doesn't matter it's just a dressing gown. I think it would have been better with a rayon or something softer with more drape.

This is the pattern, McCalls 6659. I'm not sure I'd have that busy print with the pj pants as well .. it's a bit much. I may use the pj pattern one day for my niece. I don't like shirt styles for me, but the pants pattern will be useful.

I have also nearly finished the cloud shorts for my son, but had to make an emergency Star Wars shorts yesterday with elastic waist as no shorts fit him anymore... in the space of two weeks not one pair wasn't tight! He's wearing them today and he's off to go fossicking with his Dad for a week.
I'm going to try to finish all my unfinished things this week and make a dress or something for Brisbane Spoolette's High Tea next weekend. 


  1. I perfectly understand emergency Star Wars shorts, but they did give me a giggle.
    This is a very nice looking dressing gown. I love being able to use my more unusual prints for around the house, but this looks perfectly respectable, not too busy at all.

  2. VERY nice robe! I have so many patterns to make them but just haven't yet. Too many other things crop up... As soon as I finish my next several projects, THIS is on my list!
    I was just over at Slapdash Sewist, but nothing new from her in a long while and I saw you there.
    Great blog!

    1. Thank you and welcome McVal! No I love Slapdash Sewist and I miss her posts. She has a great non patronising way of describing her work.

  3. Super nice and I love the spring colors.

  4. Can't beat a home made robe - I have multiple robes for warm and cold times.


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