Thursday, March 10, 2016

Three's the charm

Kwik Sew 1607, McCall's 7653 and Jalie 3134

I've made three pairs of togs in as many weeks. I am so pleased with all of them despite the Kwik Sew and the McCall's being too small for me.  I love the back of the McCall's one.. it's really comfortable (I mean I can get them on but it isn't something I'd let anyone see!) and very flattering with a nice open back. The shelf bra I put in is really supportive and adds another layer for lining in an area that calls for modesty. They are all fully lined and all good shapes. I'm really happy to have this monkey off my back.

What I've learned is sewing swimwear is not hard particularly if you sew a lot already. Once your hands get the 'feel' of the elastic insertion then you are just about there. You don't need to be particularly pedantic with it even. I've also learned that sewing these two or three piece suits is so much quicker than the many pieced ones like the Jalie. It is just so quick. I think making a few pairs quickly is that you do get very quick. Making for children is also good because they certainly don't notice small mistakes or crooked stitches and heck, they grow out of them so fast!

These have been so confidence boosting for me as I have had SO MANY people say how much they liked my togs and then get so surprised when I say that I made them. I will see if anyone at aqua aerobics will buy these togs as I don't know anyone they will fit. They are size 10 and excellent quality lycra so I'll ask for $40 each to cover materials (and maybe get some funding for more lycra!!). This is definitely addictive.. I can see how bra making gets people hooked! I think I need to try that as a next challenge of skills and learning. I think I need to focus on a dress for the Brisbane Spoolettes High Tea on 2 April. Are you going?


  1. They are gorgeous - pity two of them are too tight. I guess it's hard to know what size to cut for bathers with the stretch factor. Are you going to try your hand at lingerie in the future?

  2. They are lovely togs. Making a few in a row is a good way to get comfortable with all the techniques. I don't think I can make the high tea this time *sad face* but I hope you all hve a great time.

  3. I like your togs! I know what you mean - sewing swimsuit can be really addictive! Once one learned how to do it, one just wants to make lots of them, especially because swimsuits never fit right and they are ridiculously expensive to buy!


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