Saturday, April 16, 2016

Done with Clouds

So the cloud shorts are finally finished and I am terrifically pleased with them. Just a reminder; these were cut from two remnant pieces bought from Spotlight at different times, both about 80 cm long, 112cm wide so I did need the two pieces. If son didn't like the fabric the first time it was purchased, it was going to be a bag.

The back pocket... I just did this free hand and they worked out perfectly... little label added. I think I need something else now for my son...something more teen like seeing as we are nearly there.

Back waistband and yoke matching. Even though it doesn't look like it the yoke matches perfectly too.

Pockets and stitch in the ditch for the waistband.

Inside fly ... I actually cut off the wrong side here then reattached it so I guess it's a bit of a mess but no one but we will see it ;)

I used the industrial way of attaching the waistband. This makes a great stitch in the ditch and catch the underside in one hit. No hand sewing!

Close up of stitch in the ditch.

...and does he like them?....well, yes! They are a winner. They have passed the cool test by my son and my niece's male friend, who saw them sans waistband last week, so age groups covered!

Action shot!

Best photos I could get, he was dancing around so much. This is just before I put the button and button hole on.

Back view... great pockets!

Crazy side view. Thanks again to Judith for the pattern. It's a great pattern and still has some sizes left for us, so bonus. So, what do you think?


  1. Love these--I wish I had this pattern!

    1. Thanks Mary. It's a great pattern like nearly all Burda for me.

  2. This is the perfect use for a delicious fabric. Really nice. I find my boys are actually so appreciative of my sewing efforts.

    1. Thank you! My son turns 12 next week and a few weeks ago asked me could I make him some more t-shirts and I was thrilled. I love making him things as he too is very appreciative and knows exactly what he wants now.

  3. They are just right - could pass for the latest must have shop bought. No wonder he loves them :)


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