Sunday, September 18, 2016

What to do with those tiny ribbons.

I finished a little cardi... just in time for the warmer weather to start. I feel better that it's raining and a bit cooler today. I have yet to photograph it but thought you might like to see a little thing I tried. I don't actually know what this little slot in the overlocker foot is for but I figure elastic maybe? I have never tried this before but I thought I would put this tiny ribbon (the ones you get on clothing for hanging - I hate wasting them) on the shoulders of my new cardi. It is nearly impossible to hold that tiny sucker on to sew it so thought I'd slip it in here.  It worked! It was so easy once you got the ribbon in and my tip would be to have a length threaded through further past the fabric start. I found it made it easy. 

I actually ran out of that pink that was a perfect match but had a skinny gold one and finished off with that. Notice my nice fabric (of course that's the wrong side) but it's very pretty - a remnant from Darn Cheap Fabrics from our recent Melbourne trip. It was only a few dollars and has made a lovely cardi.

I haven't really had time to sew, but yesterday finished this little cardi and a top (that was a trial and doesn't fit unfortunately) and went to Spotlight and bought 9 Kwik Sew patterns that were on sale - 3 for $12. I got some great ones and one cut out already. The reviews of a couple of them are really good so I have high hopes. In those are some active wear and swimming togs - just for "stock" - you know stuff that's good to have on hand - staples if you will.

Anyone do this and please pass on any tips... does this work for elastic for swimwear for example? I have some swimwear on the list so I'll have a go in any case. Look out for finished items soon.


  1. Thanks for this tip-I actually have some specialized feet for this and now you have motivated me to try them out. That is a preety cardi!

  2. Neat!! Like Mary my serger came with a bunch of special feet but I haven't tried them out yet.

  3. Nice idea with the serger. And I really like the 3 for $12.00 sales. I would never pay full price for a pattern anymore. Especially as quite a few don't work out.

  4. Hmm. Must investigate. Not sure my overlocker has a foot that will do this. Maybe I need to go on a course to find out how to get more use out it.

    1. This is my standard (and only) foot that came with my Singer overlocker that is nearly 30 years old so I'm sure yours will do it. It's funny I never thought about it before and just had a brain wave. I am going to try with swimwear when I get time :)


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