Friday, October 14, 2016

A small but useful modification.

That's a velcro strip from Daiso (Japanese $2.80 shop - incidentally full of all the little useful things you didn't know you needed or that would be made) that I cut lengthwise - with a little rotary cutter also bought from Daiso (good to not make your good one blunt - also $2.80).

My Dad is in a nursing home with dementia :( and it is getting more difficult to get him dressed.
I think this is a huge problem for a lot of less abled people.. getting in and out of some clothing can be frustrating for the person who may not have the patience, strength or agility to get clothes on.  He is losing weight and he gets cold in the air-conditioning so he wears long pants year round. He likes to wear track pants in the winter but when we take him out it's too hot now here. Putting some elastic waisted chino type pants on him last week it was difficult (and he was impatient) to get the pants up over the under things he needs with this elastic waist. I thought I would put a strip of velcro along the side and let him get the comfort and ease of the elastic waist but with quick access. It is surprisingly strong and it was available in the right colour... bonus.

Firstly I sewed the elastic in the waistband through the whole waistband about 3 cm either side of the side seam, unpicked the waistband then I cut the elastic. Then I unpicked the flat felled seam to the pocket opening end.  The velcro had adhesive, which was very strong actually and this made it useful to hold in place and not have to pin. The only problem I struck was that the adhesive stuck itself to the needle then the needle couldn't go through the fabric and velcro.. it even pulled the thread out. However, tea tree oil to the rescue... I dipped a cotton tip in the oil and rubbed the needle clean with it which did two things. One; it  cleaned the needle and two, with the needle lubricated, it made the needle able to really slide in and out easier and less of the adhesive would stick. I had to clean/lubricate the needle a few times but it worked a treat. So that's my small but useful modification. I'll test it on Sunday when I go get Dad for our weekly family lunch and report back.

It's been a busy, busy time lately what with working full time and two lots of overseas friends here. Friends have gone and my job officially ended today... it was a short contract of 4 months... however, although that contract is over, a new opportunity starts on Monday with the same department for an unknown length of time. It's been a huge learning curve and there was many changes throughout this time. It's great to be part of a team that literally is like turning a ship around quickly....being responsive and adaptable. So not much in the sewing for me but hopefully I'll get something made up this weekend. 


  1. Good on you!

    Good luck with the new position on Monday.

  2. That is a brilliant idea! My mom is in the nursing home for dementia too. So far, this isn't an issue, but there will come a time...

  3. What a good idea! I love popping into Daiso every now and then to see what is there. Good luck with your new job and I hope you got some sewing time in ;o)


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