Sunday, October 16, 2016

New Look 6648 and Simplicity 2560

I made a New Look 6648 a couple of weeks ago. It's made from a white fairly stable and not very stretchy fabric I bought at Trad's Emporium last year. It's a pure synthetic  but I just wanted to try the pattern for size. 

Top looks quite nice and I need some white tops. I made the small but it is so big in the shoulders and neckline and with the limited stretch it is too small in the hips. I should have foreseen the hip issue. It's a quick make though but I'm not sure the big wide sleeves are good on me either. I gave it to a woman at work it would fit nicely.

Gathering at the sides. I really like this but probably not good for my shape. I'll try another one in a drapier and stretchier fabric though and resize it for shoulder and hips.


Close up you can see there is a small square woven in. It's quite nice to not be plain white. I have  2 small remnants of some white rayon that I might get it out of so I'll try soon.

Next up was Simplicity 2560. I really like this style and have wanted to make this up for ages. The fabric is from Darn Cheap Fabrics $2 table from the recent trip to Melbourne. 

It is nice and cosy. The fabric is very pretty and I love the way the neck band really cosies up to the neck and keeps you warm. The pattern has you just add the band all way round and then turn a small hem around it. I turned it over double.... I like it better this way and think it makes a more tidy finish. Although with a drapier fabric it would work too. It's also a quick make.

Close up of the fabric. Very boucle like with a little gold thread through it.

That's where I turned it over .... my stitching was done on the inside but made the outside look crooked which annoys me... I should have hand stitched it. I should have had a longer stitch and then I may have been able to unpick it but it's nearly impossible so I'll just have to live with it.

This is the shoulder where I put in the little ribbons... I ran  out of the pink one and threaded through a gold one to finish.  It works really well and keeps the shoulder very stable.

 That's the back. The sleeves are supposed to have a flat inside facing and then the top part is gathered or this size and the sleeve folded, but my fabric is too thick for this so just left the sleeve bells longer and just folded over to hem it. I do love it ... it's warm and pretty but it goes with nothing. I thought it may go with a black skirt but it only looks good with jeans. Maybe it's the proportions? but when I wear it I feel like I'm wearing a dressing gown.  I will try and get a photo of it on me.

What do you think?


  1. You have been busy! I have the S6648 pattern, and it is a nice one. The ruching on the sleeves looks great! I like the cardigan too. That fabric is so pretty! I hope you can find a way to wear it.

  2. That pink is such a pretty colour. I imagine that it looks great with your jeans and would be the perfect weight to wear to a movie. I am always looking for cozy tops for the movies.

  3. I can see that you love the cardigan - I do too - it's so pretty. I hope the white top works for you - if you wear a layer on the outside it should work nicely. And if you sit at a desk, it will look fine as well.

  4. I adore the cardi! The color and the sleeves are just perfect.


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