Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gingham Skirt - New Look 6390, and Burda 3490 alias Lois.

I don't often get obsessed by clothes but I saw this skirt and I really love the simplicity.

Then I remembered some purple gingham I bought at the op shop a few years ago. It's a beautiful polished cotton with such a nice hand and drape almost like a rayon. I have cut view D which is on the bias and have cut long (will be pieced together) ties. I was playing pattern tetras with this because the fabric was a 1.5 mt square but the pattern suggests 2.1 metres so I have cut the front overlay and the back piece whole, and the under wrap part will be pieced.

The other problem with this fabric was it was stretched on one side... so I lay it flat on the floor for a week and kept pulling and stretching it back. I wasn't perfect but not as bad as it was. Did you notice how much for that simple skirt... US$301 and sold out! I'll need a top and I have a cut of beautiful cream crepe (remnant from the designer fabric sale $1) that I will make something up - not sure what though.

This is what is nearly finished at the moment ... Burda 3490. It took ages to cut out but a quick sew now just waiting for the neck facing, arm holes and hem to be finished. I omitted the zip.. it doesn't need it.

Here's a close up of the line drawing ... Lois anyone? Great op shop find a few years ago for $1.

This is the fabric I've used.. rayon from East Coast Fabrics earlier in the year or last year. I should finish that today if I can... I'm so tired and just don't trust myself sewing when I haven't sleep well for 2 weeks. There is some tricky overlocking to be done at that front point under the bust too and I won't chance it... been there done that, hole by overlocker.

I have next week off and want to do some Christmas sewing for some sisters. A dress for one, swimwear for another and maybe some active wear tights for another... lets see what gets finished.
Are you making anything for Christmas gifts?


  1. Great match in pattern and fabric and yes I did notice the $300 pricetag for a simple skirt. Absurd. I thought Lois too when I saw your pattern . Good bargains all round. Hope you sleep better, insomnia is a bug bear.

  2. Your gingham skirt will look great, and very much the fashion of the moment. You are such a clever sewist. Love the green floral from East Coast, and look forward to seeing the finished dress.

  3. Wow - that Burda pattern IS nearly identical to the Tessuti Lois dress! I think it will be great in that rayon and look very festive for this time of the year ;o)

  4. Gorgeous match of fabric and pattern for both the skirt and dress!

  5. What beautiful fabric! I'm making shark bags for the boys in my life. My 5 year old grandson will love his as he saw it in a magazine and asked for it. Mermaid type bags for the girls.

  6. I love trawling net-a-porter for inspiration. Can't wait to see your version.


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