Saturday, December 2, 2017

Simplicity 8296 again in a dress

So I've made another Simplicity 8296 but in a dress. I made view E sleeves with length of B probably but I just used the length of 2 remnants from Spotlight.  I think this is the first time in simply eons that I have made something in the current fashion, in current fashion fabric!

Here's the back... bad iPhone photo. I made a size 10 at the shoulders and armholes and then graded it out to the 18 at the hips. I could probably go to the 12 or 14 really... it's a bit swishy. I could also use a sway back adjustment too.

Bit of a daggy length though. I may take it up a smidge. I also like that this pattern has a bust dart but I make it a little shorter. I have the McCall's that's pretty much the same but no bust dart and no flat panel on the front. Plus it's a much narrower fit so this one is better for my shape. I probably wouldn't have bought this fabric if I'd seen it on a roll for $16 per metre, but as a cheap remnant I'm happier to test patterns. I don't mind this at all now it's made up. I was going to make this in a cut of rayon I did buy at Spotlight with a voucher my son gave me for Christmas last year, but then I loved it so much I wanted to test this dress first. I may make it up for Christmas day.

I wore this to our work Christmas celebration last night. My colleague neighbour kept stopping people telling them I made my dress! How embarrassment! Start to finish is probably 3 hours. Pretty quick dress. I also made the straps and instead of sewing them on,  I'm going to make button holes on each end and then put buttons on the dress and voila, straps when I want them. The beauty with this dress also is I just wear my ordinary bra and pull the straps down. It was quite comfortable which surprised me but when you have larger breasts it's quite heavy on the shoulders so that is probably why. Also near impossible to get a strapless bra that gives you some support and comfort so I don't mind this.

I noticed this morning that the fabric is the same as the one on the back cover of the family Ottobre design magazine just out. Theirs is much more saturated colours and much more colourful (more colours) but it's the same print and their fabric is listed as viscose satin. That sounds nice.
If I can bear to part with some fabric, I'm going to make my sister one for Christmas and I just remembered I bought her some fabric years ago for a dress. (I have 4 sisters but I can't make tham all a dress... or maybe I can?)

Not sure what's next. Thanks for all the great comments too.


  1. It's a pretty dress! Love the fabric too.

  2. What a great sew, a perfect Summer dress for Christmas. Lovely fabric and even better if a remnant.

  3. I love this dress - and I think the size and swishiness is perfect ...trapeze styles are in right now. And swishy and loose feels so nice to wear in the heat. The sway back can probably be fixed just by hoiking the back up a bit!

  4. I think the dress looks great! The adjustments you made gave you a wonderful fit, and thank you for the tips on sewing it. I have this pattern too, and may sew it for spring. I think your tip about the straps is a good one.

  5. Great dress for our sub-tropical summers ;o)

  6. Oh wow you're totally rocking that pattern! I love it! I want one too now and I avoid strapless dresses like the plague for the same reason you can't find a comfortable strapless bra that works. Well that was my interpretation as to what happens to strapless bras on you as well as me.

    I love that idea about the straps with the buttonholes.

    Gorgeous fabric, too.


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