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Anyone used Lekala Patterns

Has anyone used Lekala patterns? There are some seriously great designs there and they are so cheap and they fit to your own size. I mean look at those dresses... I love that one with the folds and that top jacket is just dreamy. The coat at the bottom - just simple clean lines. I'd love to hear if anyone other than Tanit Isis Sews has made any I'd love to hear how it went.

Oh... I have my last lecture and tutorial for this year tomorrow and in two weeks my first (of four) exams... but on the 13 November at 7.30pm I am finished for this year!(But who's counting??)


Symon said…
Wow! Those are some cool shapes! I have not used any of their patterns yet but now they're on my radar! ^_^
Carol said…
I've had a pattern for a top in my stash for some years now and haven't been brave enough to use it because I couldn't find any information. I think the designs are pretty good and I agree about these patterns you've selected. Maybe I should just leap in and try it! I'm keen to see if you have a go!
meli88a said…
I haven't used a Lekala pattern yet but based on those photos I'm going to have to check them out!
metteks said…
I have used one of their patterns, and made a blouse no 5573.
It did not turn out very well and I am not sure I will use any of their patterns again.
The instruction is in English, but not that well written.
The pattern pieces are marked in Russian and if you are making something simple it wont be hard to identify the pieces, but more complex items will be harder. For the blouse it had to use google translate and it isn´t that helpful when it comes to sewing terms.
The fit isn't great. I made a muslin and had to make quiet a few alterations and still I am not satisfied.

I just remember now. I have also made a skirt 5933. Just one pattern piece, and easy to sew. But the fit isn't great, so wont be making it again.
Summer Flies said…
Thanks for this as those designs are just so enticing! I wish you could see the line drawings even too. It is so cheap if I get time I may get a few to give it a go but not expect much.
Deby Coles said…
I've just finished one of their patterns and it was rather poor. The armholes and arms were SO VERY tight that the finished item really is unwearable. And I am only of average build.
And yes, the instructions are very minimal, just words, no pictures and written in English by someone for whom English is not their first language.
They might be cheap, but take into account the wasted time and fabric on a poor design and its expensive.
These are just digital designs, not actually made up to test the fit or made in actual fabric.
I would skip it in future.
Summer Flies said…
Oh thank you! That's a very comprehensive review. I know a couple of bloggers who have used them but they are much more prolific seamstresses than me. I don't really have the time to waste so this is very useful.
Natalia said…
Hello Deby, I am sorry to hear that the blouse turned out not the way you expected. I can see that you ordered sewing pattern for model #8004, this is a blouse from knit fabric that is implied to be really stretchy. Probably this is why the armholes and arms seem tight, but in any case I shall pass on the information to the designers. We are keeping our instructions simple, as we are rather on another "edge" from patterns written by indie designers with lots of photos at every stage, somewhere closer to Burda descriptions. The one in question would be this one - It is true that English is not the first language for most of us, but we are always happy to help if clients have questions :) I hope it is fine I interfered... we've had many sales, returning clients and quite positive reviews, so I thought I'd drop a word.
Natalia said…
Hi Metteks (is it fine if I use this name? :) - thanks a lot for your review. I believe you must have used the website to make your order, as we don't have the pattern 5573 at our regular English version at as yet. The former site does use google translate for many instructions - but the new one doesn't. We always translate the description manually for you because Google is not yet trained to use sewing terms :)
Some marking on the pieces may yet be in Russian in the old models, but in case you ever have a question - about any model really - just send me an e-mail at and I'll be happy to help. We are in the process of updating the whole portfolio including old models to make sure there's no confusion in the future.
As for the pattern 5573 itself, I can see it is a rather intricate cut, and it is implied to be sewn from a rather heavy cloth - wool fabric suitable for costumes. The choice of fabric might have really affected the way it looks. I shall pass on this info to the designer so that the model is double checked.
Elizabeth said…
Give it a try!

I have ordered 7 of these patterns. I just made up test garments for two blouses. One fits great as it was drafted. The other fits well, but required some adjustment. I had to move the underbust seam down to allow for my full bust. I'm going to try some of the others soon.

great designs and variety
personalized for my measurements
only my size on the printouts- I don't have to deal with lines for other sizes
fast delivery

Based on my limited experience so far, while I may still need to do some adjusting to get the right fit, it seems like the patterns are pretty close to fitting. It seems like I have to do much more adjusting with the Big 4 and Burda.
Though I don't like taping patterns together, Lekala patterns are not too annoying to tape together, especially compared to other downloadable, non-personalized, multisize patterns that require taping.
The translation is a little tough to understand, and some steps seem to be missing from the instructions. This makes me a little nervous about trying the more complex patterns, but is just fine for most for me.
Summer Flies said…
Hey thanks Elizabeth. I keep looking at that jacket and am not sure I can resist for ever! This has been a very comprehensive review and I don't think they could be in business for so long with so much competition if they were all terrible. I think Natalia (who made a comment above) is from Lekala and I am impressed that she read the comments and made an offer to fix the problem and also to pass it on to the designers. I think that shows they care about their business.
Trumbelina said…
I've made two knit tops, and I'm very happy with both. I made some minor adjustments, but I don't even think I needed them. I've got three more in the queue and I'm in the middle of a wearable muslin of their version of a peplum top. So far so good. It looks like it will fit just fine. I am totally sold on these patterns!
Anonymous said…
I've made a couple of dresses, a couple of tops, a skirt and a jacket from their patterns, and I think that they are wonderful! Yes, it helps if you know how to sew, and the instructions are a list of construction like Burda or Ottobre rather than like full tutorials, but they fit me much better as a starting point than most of the other myriad patterns companies that I have used. They need tweaks, but not many! I think that they are brilliant value for money, and their service is excellent too. So like Trumbelina, I am a definite covert - much less alteration needed than usual.
Lara from
kkg said…
I just purchased my first Lekala pattern. How will I receive instructions?
Eena said…
Coming in very late here - you don't buy Lekala patterns for their instructions. As explained above, they are very similar to Burda and other European patterns in that sense. No hand-holding - if the pattern tells you to 'insert 20cm zip in side seam', why would anyone need to be told how to insert said zip? Aren't there books which do that very well indeed?

With careful measurement and dispassionate assessment of the peculiarities of my figure - and believe me, it's very peculiar in parts now that advanced age has taken, and is still taking, its toll - I have had good-to-excellent fit on all the free patterns that I've tried so far. I shall shortly be blogging about my experiences with Lekala patterns, and comparing them to others.
Anonymous said…
Does anyone understand how to sew the Lekala Sewing Pattern # 152404 Shrug? I emailed to ask for more instructions and was told that they couldn't help with more descriptive instructions.
you need to have some pretty good sewing skills as the pattern instructions are quite vague, but I have made a few things now, and they fit!

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