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A kind of review and basic stats- 2015

I'm not that much into stats, but reading others reviews made me wonder again about how many items I made and of what. It's actually really pleasing to see how much I do get done in a year.

So, to the details....
Total number of items made = 49 - most were clothes (5 of 'other')
Total patterns used   = 37
 of those... vintage = 8 (!!)

Review of the 'other'.
Costumes - can you forget the pies....?
Here's a reminder ... I had such fun making these. I really enjoyed working out the process of how to construct the costume so that anyone could use it, being inventive with materials to fit a budget and not to forget my sister's surprise at P1 and P2. (Bananas in Pyjamas reference).

I also made a dog coat... unfortunately my sister's dog died this year also :( RIP Hercules!

Also I made a Finn jumper/hoodie for my boy.

I am so pleased with this with the bonus that Alex still loves it and I will add a band along the bottom so he can wear it again next winter (should Finn still be in for him).

Also a 'quilt'... a cheaters quilt anyway. It's still used and loved so I'm happy with that.

And a chair bag for a friend's son. I am so glad Alex is in high school this year so I can see the back of these stupid things. Anyone feel the same? For those not in the know, some (all?) primary schools in Queensland (other places?) use these chair bags to hold the kids books not in use on the back of the chair. I'ts not a very organised system in my opinion. They use stupid desks with a single plastic drawer about 8 cm deep... so there is nowhere to put most of their stuff. Don't get me started....

Lastly, my favourite piece ...  my Burda magazine top. I love this top. It is lovely to wear, it is well made (if I do say so myself), I love the bias casings and the tie. Before it gets cool enough to wear again, I will take it in at the side seams as it's a bit too wide. I will use this pattern again... I do love a peasant style top.

I also sold 3 machines this year too... basic ones given to me that I serviced and moved out. Yay, more people sewing.

Lastly I want to say thanks to all the people who read and comment on my blog. I enjoy writing my blog and I am still amazed that others read it. I'd also like to thank the Brisbane Spoolettes for their camaraderie and the meet ups. Connecting in person with sewing minded people is such fun and still a novelty. I welcome 2016...


  1. Looks a great year with some great variety on your sewing.

  2. Ohh, I love those costumes - I must have missed that post - they are fantastic. As was the dog coat - you are very good at making something from your imagination. Happy New Year, wishing you all the best for 2016.

  3. I totally missed the pies post--neat costume!
    Happy New Year to you!


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