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Belated welcome to 2019

Happy 2019... I hope it has started well for all of you. I had a great start with a get together  bringing the new year in at my friend's apartment right on the beach at Broadbeach where there was fireworks all along the beach. Such a fun evening even if I had to drive down to the coast after work.  The morning before I started, I made a sparkly skirt and wanted to make a top the day before but didn't gt time so I wore my black top I made for my Dad's funeral. Unfortunately the only photo I have my skirt doesn't feature but we got a nice photo together!

A better photo is from our recent (got back yesterday) holiday to New Zealand. We went to the south island to Christchurch, then to Franz Joseph and Fox glaciers, the Marlborough Sound and Wellington. Sounds like it was short, but it was 10 days with lots of driving on some amazing roads. I've been a fan of Nick Cave since the early 80's and my first time was when he was part of The Birthday Party at The Roundhouse at Sydney Uni in 1983 or 1984. I couldn't get tickets in Brisbane (or anywhere in Australia) and there were some in Wellington so it was great to have it as part of our holidays. 

The colours are pretty accurate here. This fabric was a remnant from Spotlight about 4 years ago. The length you see is what I had other than trimming the skirt hem straight and measuring the hip for the right width. Oh and when I say measuring the hip, I mean wrapping the fabric around me and making a note where to cut it. (and yes, I'm wearing a puffer jacket with sandals... I thought it may be a bit warmer but I didn't have any more suitable shoes to wear out - it was warmer the next few days.)

 I lined it with some synthetic knit lining I had hanging around; cut about 8cm shorter than the sparkly length. I only had a narrow black elastic (1.5cm) and decided I would put the elastic in between the knit and sparkles so it doesn't scratch me. I wasn't sure if this would work but it did really well. I can't remember now but I think I sewed up the single seam of each of the skirt and lining with the overlocker, but put the elastic on with a zig zag. 

Oh and I made it new years eve morning before work. I was determined to wear it and although I didn't get the top done, I'm really pleased with the result.

Not sure if i showed this top when I made it. It's from an Ottobre magazine and I think from memory I drafted the facing. It's a remnant of a gorgeous beefy satin from the fabric sale I go to.

I don't usually like black on top (for me) but this works well and when I get time, I'll make the same top but in a royal blue (not my favourite colour for me) satin remnant from Spotlight. (I remember when I bought it I though it would make a great cape for Alex so that's how long I have had it. I did make him a cape but there was leftovers... glad to see it gone actually).

I'm still on my remnant clearance... I'm mowing my way through them and so glad of it. I didn't get to make my royal blue top and the skirt on Sunday before NY because I wanted to finish this little outfit for a friend's daughter. They were coming home after staying 6 months in the Netherlands and it would be so hot on their arrival, I wanted her to have something fun and cool to wear. 

This was also a 60cm remnant from Spotlight and I just loved it and thought it was perfect for a little girl for summer. With the limited length I had to use what I had and put a band on the cross for the top. The little girl this is for is very, very tall for her age so I knew I'd need whatever length I could get. There was no chance to match those stripes with such little fabric.  I had some great tiny bobbles, but I jut cannot seem to sew it on well, so just to get it done, I put on some lacy trim. The tie for the top was pieced together. She LOVED it, and the other clothes I made for her.

I also made two more pairs of boxers from remnants not quite finished here, using the same boxer pattern from before. The roosters pair is for Alex and made from the leftovers from some pjs I made Mum a couple of years ago. A lovely soft cotton and Alex loves them. The other pair is a crisper cotton remnant from Spotlight and I really loved it and tried a few times to cut a top from it for me but at 50 or 60 cm i just couldn't do it. I'm pretty good at fabric Tetris but not with this piece. These were made for the son of my friend and only just made this size. That Simplicity 9958 pattern (that's a print on demand pattern?? but the same one) is a great one for a complete range of sizes so if you find it,  pick it up. My friend's husband who got the shark pair, loves them and wore them to bed that night and all the next day relaxing at home.

I haven't caught up with blogs yet but look forward to seeing what everyone else has started sewing up this year. 


  1. Love the sparkling skirt! Great idea for putting it together with the elastic sandwiched in the middle.

  2. Your skirt looks amazing! Happy remnant busting, and Happy New Year!

  3. What a great holiday you have been having. The skirt looks stunning, and I love it with the sandals. Clever stitchery with the elastic waist too. Great little girls outfit, and cute shorts - you are a talent! xx

  4. happy new year - I'll bet you had a great trip, I'd love to get back to NZ ;o)

  5. LOVE your projects! Good job on that skirt.

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