Monday, July 5, 2010

Style Icons and crap!

I fear my two favorite blogs are having an out and out verbal!! Here and here(well written punch up that is).  I happen to agree with both.  I don't think think that Peter should be canning Dan's style ... me thinks he has nice style and looks like a "nice young man" Heavens, it looks like he tries to appease the great Selfish one by either learning to knit (in the photo) or he is actually teaching HER to knit!!

But of course, Peter has his own style and doesn't need a "style icon".  It is nice to be a follower or emulate another's style - however there are few amongst us who could a) sew so well in such a short time b) whip up things for self and model-about-town cousin and c) lets face it; look good in a sheet that is made into skirt, shirt or dress!!!

So....... how to mollify the situation????? Not sure ... either way they are both entertaining (even though they actually may not feel the joy) but make no mistake .. each has their own real style, whether they think so or not.

Me, I have no style really.  Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I am not a slave to fashion.  What about you?

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