Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Welcome to Kristy and other followers!

I'd like to welcome all (ok, all 5) of my followers. I feel really honoured and I won't deceive myself that it isn't the enticement of a giveaway - I'm not really that interesting, but never the less here you all are. This will encourage me to a) blog more and b) make it more interesting. It's different when you think you are writing to yourself!  Well, added to this is excitement, I see tonight that Kristy of www.loweryourpresserfoot.blogger.com fame has also become a follower of moi!!!! (I'm feeling just a little bit Miss Piggy now) I follow Kristy's work and wonder how she (or many actually) find the time for sewing and everything else women/mother's have to do. Just for the record: I love the new red skirt Kristy! Red goes marvellously well with grey!

I have some photos I want to load soon (like the sunglasses I want to give away, and the dress I finished) but I have lots of study to do too and a legal matter that hopefully will finish on Thursday.  There are some life things that are draining and even if I think I am not stressed or anxious about them my poor (really not a strong enough word) sleep patterns are a testament that that's not the case.

So yours in motherhood and sewing and children sleeping in your bed...goodnight.


  1. Hey, don't apologise we are all in the same boat. mother hood and sewing and then add study for you, no apologies required. Also, I didn't start following for the giveaway, I wear glasses and I won't be able to wear them unless they are prescription. I strted following because I admire you for doing all you do, also because I am in Brisbane and because I have a Cypriot heritage. How could I now support you?!

  2. oops that is meant to be "how could I not support you" Sorry, slept with my daughter last night. Well she slept, I didn't much, hence the spelling errors. Never mind,they are only young for a short time. Have a great weekend.

  3. thank you for welcoming me! I'm following because I love reading Aussie blogs - we have our own uniqueness


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