Thursday, July 15, 2010

What am I doing?????

As if being a single parent (with only one day off a week) of a six year old active boy isn't enough, I have just started my Tafe course in Marketing this week ... one week down and 18 to go!  I am overwhelmed with how much work we have to do and getting a bit crazy with 'how will I ever do it all'.  I also make kindergarten sheet sets for a local kindy (kindergarten) and I have my usual home/mother stuff to do.  My son now has some before school care, park play and friend look after, and my Mum picks him up on Thursdays. Phew!

However, I am determined that this will work out.  I will probably only do sewing in minimal bursts for a number of weeks- kind of tension release.  I have to master simple computer things that most people have no trouble doing - like spreadsheets etc.  I was a travel agent for the last 12 years of my paid working life (that ended 6 years ago) and I used travel programmes and CRS's (computer reservation systems - indeed I know 3 of these!) but this does not help in the usual computer stuff.  Travel is very complex stuff and your mind doesn't seem to be able to switch it off when you leave work - not the best job for a part timer.  I would not want to work full time with my son in school so the next best option was to retrain and get skills that would help to get work with school friendly hours.  Anyway this is only a year long course, with a long break at Christmas/summer holidays so there is a big carrot at the end.  If I am crazy enough, this will lead me into a Bachelor of Business at QUT.. but I think I'll just bumble through this one and see how I go first!

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