Monday, January 23, 2012

Not so "Amazing FIt"

Sorry not a great photo - using my new tripod but it doesn't make you look better!
This is one of the Simplicity Amazing Fit patterns. I am too tired to look for can't find the number but it has a nice cross over bodice but I made a 10 and went to a 12 in the waist and a 14 in the skirt but it all seems too big. I will take at least 4-6 cm off the sides of the skirt and look to see if I can take the front in.  I am pretty short at 156 cm and a bit chunky at the moment but I seem to always make stuff too big ... this is despite checking the measurements. I am very short from the shoulders to the waist but with a D bust and this makes fitting a nightmare. When I did pattern making at Tafe I made my own sloper but alas that was 18 kg ago!
This pattern has the various cup sizes but I think the D is way too big for me.  The back is a little high and could have at least 6 cm taken out... I think I should make the back a size 8 with the front a 10 and see how I go. Also after adjusting the princess seams at the front the armhole was 'out' so instead of making new armhole facings I just put some pink bias on.   I like the style but will make more adjustments to get a better fit.

The fabric was from that designer sale - a lovely heavy stretch cotton sateen.

I have a skirt cut out and two tops but until I finish painting my bedroom I don't want to distract myself with sewing.  My son goes back to school next Monday after his operation (school started today) and then I will be able to get some sewing in.

My sewing plans for my long uni break have been interrupted by my Mum going to hospital twice, my son once and then the obligatory appointments plus some car repairs, Christmas and taking my Dad to the Dr too. Life gets in the way of plans!


  1. Oh man, I hope all you family is ok and that you get a bit of time for yourself soon, to chill out and sew. xx

  2. That happens to me all the time too. I measure and think about what size for what area of the body. I grade to the larger size for the waist and so on. I take into account the ease, but in the end, It always seems too big. Even if I make a muslin!

  3. Hi Sophie
    Like the new template (liked you old one too though). Hope your summer was fun! Back to school hey... Alice (5) is in Mrs. Miller's class - so far so good. Think she's just a bit bored with not being able to go outside. Good post on the 'freecycle' - never heard of it! Thanks for sharing - will definately check that out. What a score with the piano. Love that fabric - and can't tell if doesn't fit right anyway. I'm forging on with Sew Sista - working on a blog and working on getting the moola to make it happen. Take care, see you at school. Kerry X

  4. Nice dress - in spite of the fitting issues. I read somewhere that you should choose a size for your basic bone structure - shoulders, upper bust measurement, hips - then add ease where you need it. Might be worth a try.

  5. The cross over top is amazingly flattering. I think I'll scout out that pattern and give it a go in a longish tunic top. (I have no opportunity to wear dresses it seems). I hope you were able to take in whatever you thought needed taking in, (altho in the pic it looks smashing on you...) I'm glad I bopped over and check out your blog (in response to your comment about a long-ago dress on my blog.... I've done NO clothing sewing recently and your little howdy has reinspired me). I hope all the hospital goers are back to full health!!!


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