Friday, July 13, 2012

More Info - Fabric Sale

Sue at Quilt Sew Sew Sue left a comment asking for more information about the fabric sale - specifically if it is worth travelling for her. Sue lives in Toowoomba (a beautiful part of south east Queensland known as The Garden City) which is 1 1/2 hours drive away from Brisbane.

Sorry I should have thought to put more information myself. Well it is worth going. I have been stashing fabric from them for nearly 20 years. They are a fashion design company and buy beautiful fabrics for their collections and are all top quality (bar one woolly one that pilled). The prices have ranged from $2 per metre for cottons to, from memory the most expensive they have ever priced is $8 and this is for Italian silk chiffon or Silk organza. Mostly it is natural fibres but all are good value. My stash reflects this. Most of the fabric I have is from them. Who can resist.

I still have some from $15 years ago - one I was caressing deciding to use the other day. A beautiful black cotton velvet (is all velvet cotton?) with small red hearts on it - I really love it and just can't cut into it yet. I have the tag still on it and it was $3 for 2 metres 150cm wide! I have Italian linen I bought years ago for $2 (yes read it and weep) per metre!

If you are anywhere close to Brisbane it is definitely worth going. I don't always buy huge amounts depending on what I like (not need - as most readers will understand - I don't need any).  I will have to go on Thursday after 2nd day of uni and picking up my son from school. I'll have to bribe him with dinner at Ikea and cardboard fabric rolls! (in fact the owners always ask me if I want some rolls to take with me if my son isn't with me!)

I made this Jacket from the fabric I bought there. The colour is more true in the Burda Magazine photo. It has metallic threads woven through it (what a bugger to keep from rolling - the fabric people telling me they too had trouble with it. I bought that for $8 pm and last year I bought some silver in the same stuff for a Issey Miyake jacket I have yet to make.

Oh and Sue, from where I am (near the city centre) it will take me nearly an hour to drive there too!
Hope everyone close can make it! And don't forget to get on their mailing list.

Happy hoarding shopping - and let me know if you go and what you get!


  1. I am in Brisbane on wednesday and am seriously annoyed that I can't stretch it one more day so as to go fabric hunting. I hope you get some beautiful fabric. Maybe I can go next year. I appreciate you posting about this sale, despite my terrible envy ;).

    1. Typical isn't it!!. You could always ring them and check what they have and transfer the money to them. They are very accommodating normally. I could send you some phone photos and descriptions - or call them to see if you could drop in on Wednesday - they may say ok.

  2. I am soooooo going. I got this in the mail last week.
    Last year was a scrag fight with some Nanna's, pretty funny. They wanted the pea green wool I had stashed under my arm!! Also, last year, people were rocking up before the advertised times, Cheeky!!
    The Fabric Store in the Valley has 40% off next week for VIPs.
    Fabric Heaven!!!

    1. Yes..once you go, you never miss it! And yes they really don't like it if you show up early! Not surprisingly as it is a nanna fight for two days!
      I got a ready made coat with the same pea green wool I(I think) and it was pilling.. hope it's not the same. That's the only thing in over 15 years that has been poor quality.

      Thanks for the heads up for The Fabric Store ... must check how to become a vip as I really wanted some merino wool!
      Where have you been.. not much blog action - hope you are well.

  3. Thanks for the details on the sale. I am not sure I can make it, but I will try!
    I have some vintage velvet which I am sure is made from silk... yummy!

  4. How fortunate, I found your site today and I am in Brisbane!! Awesome. I am definitely going to have to make an effort to go to that sale. This could be dangerous, but thanks :)

  5. Oh, you are lucky to live close to a wonderful shop like that... such bargains!!

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