Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Swimsuit sew-a-long!

I'm doing Dixie DIY's swimsuit sew-a-long! I have the Kwik Sew pattern already (the one on the button) and I have the RED lycra I want to make it with. I have had this pattern for a while - maybe six months, but haven't had time to make it up and now it is winter here, it is a perfect time to make it. I also have a couple of weeks holiday still so no excuses.

I have a rtw swimsuit I bought that is pretty close to that style and it is very flattering for my shape. I think it would suit many body shapes. So watch out here! (now I said it I have to do it).


  1. Good luck with your bathers! You'll have them whipped up in a jiffy, I am sure!

  2. He, he, I love the line that winter is a perfect time to make a swimsuit. This sounds hauntingly familiar.


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