Sunday, July 29, 2012


I went to the fabric sale on Friday with my friend. I'm calling this a teaser as I haven't had time to take any photos of the spoils but wanted to tease you a bit.

It was a little light on fabric this year (but I went Friday and normally go on the Thursday so maybe they got cleaned out a bit?)
They also changed the pricing and had just one price of $6 per metre. There was some lovely wools like this jacket(above)I made last year. I bought some more of this colour and as this one shrank (I didn't prewash!) I want to make another. I also bought some ruffle fabric that I make a skirt with this morning (too cute) and some other stuff I'll photograph tomorrow. 

So, as titled, just a teaser!


  1. That fuchsia wool is a great color on you. You're so lucky to have found more of the same exact fabric. I love it when I get a second chance with a fabric that works well for me!

  2. That wool is a great colour. Nice to get a second chance.

  3. Your jacket is such a great colour! I'm sorry I missed the pattern pyramid; I can't keep up with where they are all going... Sooo confusing!

  4. Hi Summer Flies.
    Thanks for dropping by my food blog. I'm more active on my sewing blog ( I'm slowly working through Mum's recipes so if there's a recipe you'd like me to road test, let me know. BTW DH also is driven by coffee. I just make it for him.
    I do love that colour on you and I'll just have to wait until for your next post:)


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