Monday, October 1, 2012

More deadlines...but not fun ones!

 I made a pair of running shorts! Ha that's a joke.. I don't run..YET! I made these about 5 months ago from an old pattern (I can't find it at the moment tho). It's a one piece pattern and I didn't hold much hope for it really but it fits really well. I added about 5cm to the length as the pattern was short (too short for my legs). This was a piece of wicking fabric I bought for a dollar off a remnant table. It was the exact size for these shorts. I used my overlocker and a twin needle for the hems and waist and I used contrasting pink thread. 

I also made a little pocket for the front of the waist. This helps me know which is front and back and also, if I ever run outside I can put my key in there. I bought a treadmill recently - just a cheap one from Aldi that was only $300. A (tall)friend suggested making sure it is long enough but I'm pretty short and it 'fits' me well. Now as I can't get out to walk because I can't leave my son I can now do some walking/running every day. I've even taken to get some tips from Sherry's running blog. She's been a runner before but I was a swimmer so running isn't my thing really. But I'm starting with fast walking with a little running in between. Oh and the title.. I have three assignments due on Friday with  only one done (ok it's nearly finished). As I say it's not a fun deadline like "I have to finish this dress by Friday 'cause I have a date/dance/dinner/evening out". Back to it!


  1. Great job! Good luck with your school projects too!

  2. Very nice shorts! I really like the little inner pocket, cute and clever! Good luck with your assignments :)


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