Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mian Mian - Giveaway Prize!!

I'm a giveaway winner!

Great winning prize
 Yoshimi had a giveaway and I am the lucky winner! Not a pattern, or a magazine or fabric, all of which I have too much or many, but a wonderful little needle storage holder. It came with two needles and I have put in my needles already. It was not hard giving away my other needle storage solution .. a scrap piece of fabric, for this very useful little gadget. It is magnetised and has a soft velvet coating. SO COOL! The red counter top you see is my new red sewing table. (I'll take a proper photo soon.)
Needle holder
Hmm... naughty me... I also bought some Image Wear patterns (from the My Image magazine) when they were on sale for Euro 3.50 each. At around Christmas time they had a Euro2 sale with the money going to a charity but I forgot to get some then. I've always liked the top on the left ... I think it is really elegant and simple and I love the little tie. I think it will make a good work top (for when I get a job some time in the future!) I also like the little crop jacket and the tulip like skirt. I have the perfect fabrics for these but I can't see any sewing happening here for months. 

The patterns are printed on nice heavy white paper with very clear lines. The instructions are on the reverse side of the cover paper wrap. Anyone tried Image Wear patterns?

Uni is so busy already and to be honest, I am just not getting into it. Same thing  happens every time the long summer break . I have 3 assessments for 4 subjects and two subjects also have weekly assessments! It's my last semester so I see a dot of light at the end of the tunnel.. but just a dot!
ImageWear patterns


  1. Yoshimi is a darling, right? :) Is that your name, Sofie? I'm so glad to see your real name, I've always felt funny calling you "summer flies", especially considering Aussies are not keen on summer flies! Sofie is a very pretty name :)

    1. Hi Carolyn,
      Yoshimi is such a darling and I LOVE my new little gadget...Why aren't these everywhere?? Summer flies was taken because I meant that summer season flies (such as time flies) but many people think of the pesky flies!


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