Sunday, January 12, 2014

Dresses and Tops

I have been sewing. I finished off the Simplicity Amazing Fit Pants and they are very comfortable and fit well. So comfy they feel like pj pants! I think I may go down to the 12 around the waist and side seams when I use stretch fabric. I have another pair planned in  a heavier black cotton stretch. 

I then started making a dress for a funeral I had to go to on Thursday. I am using Vogue 1100 (which is quite old if you check reviews but I only got a couple of years ago)because I thought it would be nice and quick as it is just a shift dress with some nice pleating in the neckline and simple darts front and back. However, I didn't notice it was a fully lined dress and I didn't have lining to suit here and I couldn't work out how the neck band/facing was going to fit - I lined them up and it was short about 2cm either side. I didn't rush ahead as I am prone to do sometimes and thought about it when I went to bed - of course I had tried to put the facings on as facings and not as neck band so it sat in the wrong place. (if that makes sense)

As it happens when I put the half made dress on it wouldn't fit across the hip (read bum) area, even though I had added to the skirt portion (the pattern is up to a 12 only, I made a size 10 in the top which is the right size for me there). Sorry, I just realised I don't have photo of the dress here - next post. I wore another dress I had made (also for a funeral as it happens) and now I can finish this one off with a lining. 

This is the fabric I am using. It is a Japanese cotton, mid weight, that has a beautiful hand (as I find most Japanese fabrics do)and washes up beautifully. I think I am going to really love this dress and better start swimming and walking more to fit into it - ha ha! I got this fabric from Singapore when I gave my friend some money a couple of years ago when she was going and left it to her to buy me some fabrics - cotton or silk was the brief. I do love it.

Next in line and cut out is this McCall's  top pattern. I am making view c first. I am using a Missoni type knit scrap and a remnant I got from the fabric store in Auckland in September last year. 

 The cotton knit below is more a royal blue colour rather than the purpley colour it looks here. It is a really lovely fabric and matches pretty much with the royal on the missoni like fabric. Hmmm.. just noticed my cutting line on the armhole is a bit skewif there - will fix that!

I've also got a view a in mind too for a white fabric if there is enough and if not I have some nice pink knit there somewhere.

I have also made a dress (that I am wearing and haven't photographed yet) with one of the rayons I bought the week before. I'm pretty pleased with it and it is so cool and comfy. We're off to Bribie Island now for a swim and bike ride wearing my new floaty dress.


  1. I must admit that I have problems with facings as well. Looking forward to seeing pics of your items.

  2. Gorgeous fabrics. I look forward to seeing photos of all your projects soon.


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