Wednesday, January 15, 2014

My little dumplings

Pork mince mix

Wrappers brushed with water with press

Dumplings pressed and ready for boiling

Boiling those little suckers

Served with snow peas and broccoli in garlic and oyster sauce and sesame seeds

One of our favourite meals is dumplings. I first had these  was in Auckland; we'd buy 20 for about $7 and they were yummy! When I came back to Australia I noticed the dumpling wrappers in the supermarket (were they there before? I don't know but I never noticed). I then started making my own and they are so easy. I made them once with prawn mince (keep it quite chunky, and chicken - not such great flavour but still nice). Have a go!

Pork Dumplings

1 pack dumpling wrappers 
water and pastry brush
dumpling press (get this from Asian shops)
large pot of boiling water
chilli oil (dried chilli flakes in jar topped with rice bran oil)

Mince mix
200g heart smart pork mince
1 can bamboo shoots or water chestnuts, chopped finely
(water chestnuts offer more crunch)
1/2 to 1 bunch well washed and finely chopped coriander (cilantro)
grated fresh ginger to taste (approx 1 cm chunk)
2-3 cloves of fresh garlic, crushed 
(ginger and garlic to taste - more or less as you like it but try to avoid bottled stuff)
a few shakes of sesame oil

Mix all the ingredients for the mince until well mixed. I peel off  6-8 wrappers and run the wet pasty brush around the wrappers. Place wrapper in press and put one teaspoon mix in middle and press. Keep going till done (there are 30 wrappers in each pack).  

Put between 6 and 8 in the pot of boiling water for approximately 6 minutes or until translucent. Serve hot with good quality Japanese soy sauce mixed 50/50 with fresh lime juice. (Chinese soy is too salty and overpowering and the lime juice really adds to the flavour).  I always serve stir fried greens (broccoli, snow peas, green beans, asian Kailan - whatever I have) with loads of fresh crushed garlic and oyster sauce (or whatever you prefer).

I have frozen them at times (raw - remember not to refreeze the mince), but I find I have to lay them on a tray to keep them separate and they aren't ever as good. Fresh is best! Let me know if you try them.


  1. Yum! I haven't made dumplings in a long while but I love them :) I usually do them steamed and then pan fried though :) Making the filling is the best part; the house smells so wonderful :) I love your dumpling press - that's so cool!! I just use my fingers haha ^_^

    1. These are really good. I have heard of a recipe that you fry first and then pour in water to steam/boil them. I will try frying them after as I like those too. That press was $1 from one of those everything shops and is very strong; I have only found flimsy ones since and wished I bought 2 back then.


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